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Which USED Super Luxury Sedan Would You Buy

We have two very distinguished super luxury sedan options on sale right now at just 10 percent or so of its original selling price and they still carry a lot of attention and prestige even after more than a decade of road use.

The question we are asking is this. Will you consider one of these sedans instead of a common luxury executive car costing about the same value?

Let us share some information on both cars for your to digest.

We still remember the first time we got the keys to this Audi A8, it was in early 2009 and was right after its Malaysian introduction.

At the time, brand guardian Euromobil imported in this long wheelbase A8L with a 3.0 TFSI engine and set a selling price at just RM658,800 without insurance.

Why we say ‘just’ is because at the time, its closest rivals were the BMW 740Li, which was priced at RM818,800 and the default segment best seller, the Mercedes-Benz S350L which had a selling price of RM835,888.

The Audi A8’s supercharged 3.0 TFSI V6 engine produced only 290 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque from 2,500 to 4,850 rpm, but due to its lightweight aluminum body, the 0-100 km/h acceleration was a quick 6.2 seconds while its top speed was limited to 250 km/h.

Audi luxury sedan

Used For Sale Audi A8L TFSI Quattro Information

Manufactured in 2010

Registered in 2012

Genuine Mileage – 159,000km

  1. 3.0L TFSI V6 paired with 8-Speed Tiptronic Gearbox
  2. Quattro All-Wheel Drive System
  3. Power boot
  4. Air suspension
  5. Keyless entry with push start button
  6. Full electric seats with memory
  7. Audi MMI
  8. Parking sensors
  9. Reverse camera

Asking Price RM65,000

For more information, please contact 012-3796671 (Skantha)

Audi A8L luxury sedan

Some Jaguar XJ-L News

Meanwhile, a couple of years later, SISMA Auto launched a revised Jaguar XJ-L with a new generation 3.0 diesel engine (AJ-V6D Gen 111).

This was a 271 horsepower engine with an impressive 600Nm of torque. It provided an acceleration time from 0-100km/h in just 6.4 seconds and a restricted top speed of 250km/h.

Priced at RM699,888 this fully imported luxury sedan also competed with the 740Li and S350L in terms of size, features, dynamics and comfort. However, the ‘Jaguar’ brand identity pushed its image a couple of notches above the German rivals in Malaysia.

Arrive in a Jaguar, even if it is almost 12 years old, there is still more attention given to the rear passengers (you need to be chauffeured driven in  Jaguar). The Benz and BMW after a decade will lose its ‘shine’ in the corporate world as there are just too many units running around on our roads.

Interestingly, the Audi A8L also creates similar attention like the Jag, especially this 2009 model as its design language is not very far from the 2019 A8L. This means, for a mere RM65k you can arrive looking like you spent RM650k (as long as you get a new number plate and your paint is gleaming)

Jaguar luxury sedan

Used For Sale Jaguar XJL 3.0 Diesel Long Wheel Base Information

Manufactured in 2011

Registered in 2014 Diesel

  1. Panaromic Roof
  2. Power Boot
  3. Rear Entertainment System with Headrest Monitor
  4. Rear and Side Blinds
  5. Heated Seats
  6. Digital Speedometer
  7. Original Jaguar 19’ Sport Rims
  8. Driver, Front Passenger & Rear Passengers Electric Seats
  9. Bowers & Wilkins Sound System

Included are 4 Brand New Michelin Primacy 2022 tires worth RM5,600 given together with car. For more information, contact Akash at 012-2392007.

Jaguar luxury sedan

So which luxury sedan will we buy? Hard to say. The A8L still looks fresh and ready for 2023 and the Jaguar XJ-L has no new model (JLR management made a decision to retire this nameplate in early 2021) on the way which means its appeal will remain for years to come.

Both have depreciated by almost 90 percent which gives many Malaysians an easy entry to super luxury sedan ownership. However, running costs for both vehicles will not be pocket friendly and a trusted mechanic is needed. The final decision is after a closer look at both cars and you can contact each seller for this.

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