Land Rover To Delivery Five New Electric SUV’s

For Malaysia the Land Rover electric vehicle offensive will start with the I-Pace.

Strong indications point to the 2023 model Discovery 6 as the new all electric model that will dramatically overhaul this iconic 4×4 brand’s range with a focus on electrification.

The direction shows that by 2026 there will be six brand new Land Rover electrified vehicles (EV) on sale. Then, by 2030, 60 percent of the Land Rover’s global sales will come from electric powered vehicles and every model in the company’s showrooms will be offered with an EV option.

Interestingly, it will be Land Rover’s new electric EMA platform that will be used for the 2023 seven-seat Discovery as well as the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover Electric

JLR EMA Platform Explained

Future Jaguar models will be built exclusively on a pure electric architecture. According to Jaguar Land Rover, the EMA platform is “born from an obsession with simplicity” and “battery agnostic,” meaning it can accept any battery shape and chemistry.

Reimagine is designed to deliver simplification too. By consolidating the number of platforms and models being produced per plant, the company will be able to establish new benchmark standards in efficient scale and quality for the luxury sector. Such an approach will help rationalise sourcing and accelerate investments in local circular economy supply chains.

From a core manufacturing perspective that means Jaguar Land Rover will retain its plant and assembly facilities in the home UK market and around the world. As well as being the manufacturer of the MLA architecture, Solihull, West Midlands will also be the home to the future advanced Jaguar pure electric platform.

Land Rover Electric

This versatile, aluminium-intensive structure which will house petrol, PHEV and pure-electric powertrains will provide the Discovery 6 with unquestionable refinement, spaciousness, while maintaining its off-road ability that has long since established the model as one of the most well-rounded SUVs on sale.

Like the Range Rovers, the Discovery’s replacement can be expected to be launched with a choice of combustion and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Given its relationship to the flagship Range Rover models, the Discovery is expected to be offered with the most advanced and up to date version of this system, matching soon t be launched segment rivals like the Volvo EX90, Lotus Eletre and Mercedes EQE SUV, which will arrive in 2024 with a ‘lidar’ sensor as standard for full autonomous driving.

So, the first to arrive in Malaysia will of course be the already popular I-Pace all electric sports crossover and people close to the business has hinted a February 2023 launch date.

So what will be the selling price of the I-Pace in Malaysia. Well, in the UK the asking price is 65,245 pounds sterling (which is about RM350,000). So expect a selling price in Malaysia to be just below RM380,000.

This means, the I-Pace will compete directly with the BMW iX3 which sells for RM322,800 and the Mercedes EQA Crossover which is price at RM278,201.

However, the immediate rival will be the just launched Volvo C40 Recharge which is priced at just RM288,888 and this will be the EV to beat.

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