Perodua Aruz Driver Cheats Death By Flying Truck Wheel

How is JPJ and Puspakom doing their duty when they inspect commercial vehicles when a truck wheel can come off and fly into the air?

Is this the truck drivers fault? Is this the truck owners fault? Is the fault of the truck mechanic?

Well this has got to be some new personal record for me. This is the second accident I’m writing about in one day. Although, I really shouldn’t be surprised as there seem to be more and more accidents happening everyday as a result of poorly maintained trucks and buses in the country, but what is the government doing about this?

Flying Truck Wheel

This particular accident saw a truck wheel from an old truck literally fly off from it while it was driving and hit the front windshield of the Perodua Aruz behind it. This accident happened at KM 27.2 of the Elite Highway in Sepang yesterday. This resulted in the driver sustaining an injury on his face and head.

We got this information from Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap ( Twitter Handle: @redzuanNewsMPB) who posted about the accident on his twitter and the link to that is here. Thank you Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap for the information and images.

His tweet basically just mentioned the details of the accident and accidents like this are honestly just scary. All things considered, the driver of that Perodua Aruz was lucky to have survived. I just hope his car is insured, otherwise, he may have to face some serious financial issues, but that is besides the point.

Honestly, why did this happen in the first place? What are the authorities doing about this? Now while I could just parrot what many Malaysians are thinking and just say “if the government could just use our tax money to modernize the lorries and buses in Malaysia instead of build ANOTHER highway no one asked for..” but I won’t.

Flying Truck Wheel

Because in all fairness. What are JPJ and Puspakom doing about this? I believe that these two bodies need to be stricter, especially with older lorries and buses, and just  retire old commercial vehicles and replace them with newer units. Then maybe stuff like this wouldn’t happen and Malaysian motorists would be safer.

If I sound absolutely pissed off, it’s because I am. The Aruz driver managed to walk away from this accident with his life intact but not everyone may be so lucky. I personally know people who drive older Perodua Vivas and Kelisas and I can honestly say if this happened to them, they would not have survived.

The bottom line is that the relevant authorities need to do better and keep Malaysian motorists safe.

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