Toyota Bans Resale Of Land Cruisers Due To Security Risks

An attempt by Toyota to probably stop these new SUVs falling into the wrong hands so soon. 

While many automakers have in the past forced buyers of its cars to not be flipping their new purchases, none however have probably used the rationale that it would be a global security risk to do so. Though that is exactly the reason that Toyota has allegedly given to the new owners of its all-new 300 Series Land Cruiser, in what is most likely an attempt for these SUVs not to be getting into the hands of interested but nefarious parties that soon. 

A scoop that was first reported by Japanese publication Creative311, Toyota Japan now apparently requires for new owners of the Land Cruiser to sign an agreement confirming that their purchase will not be resold. No time frame however has been given as to how long customers need to hang on to their cars before it being able to flog it along, but it is rumoured to be a ban that will last a full year. 

What is more confirmed though is the repercussions for breaching this contract, and that is the buyer will be forbidden from ever buying a new Toyota ever again. The dealer who sold that particular Land Cruiser will be in hot water for this violation too, with the Japanese automaker reportedly to financially penalise and possibly even restricting the sale of this SUV by the offending establishment. 

Now delving deeper into the details as to why Toyota is going to such lengths with restricting the resale of these Land Cruisers meanwhile, the most obvious answer would be that the Japanese marque is trying to prevent the latest iteration falling into the wrong hands so soon. Its flagship 4×4 after all is well known for being the chariot of choice for the terrorists and warlords the world over, to the point where there is actually an entire war named after the automaker. 

Reading further between the lines however, the national security threat does also serve as a convenient cover in Toyota’s plan to steady the short supply for its new Land Cruiser in the face of overwhelming demand. Such is evidenced by the fact that the automaker has apparently halted pre-orders for this particular model, after bookings ticked past 22,000 units over in its home market recently. 

Toyota has reportedly been cracking down on individuals or organisations that have made multiple purchases from various dealers too, by crosschecking records from each prefecture. An extra measure implemented to ensure that the original buyers of this hot new SUV will not be likely flip it for a profit, by taking advantage of how popular the Land Cruiser is in certain regions. 

Rather interestingly however, there has actually been no news yet in regards to these contracts being signed by the new owners of Land Cruisers sold in the Middle East. So to anyone in Malaysia that desperate to be the first in the country to own one of these Toyota SUVs, then perhaps getting a left-hand drive example from Dubai or Saudi Arabia is the way to go right now. 

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