Unfortunate Toyota Hilux Plunges Into Flooded Sinkhole

Even pickups like this Hilux here are not safe from the terrible state of Malaysian roads. 

News just reached us that a Toyota Hilux has been spotted to have plunged into a flooded sinkhole, leaving it helpless with one wheel high up in the air. This unfortunate incident to have befallen the pickup reportedly occurred near Semenyih, or more specifically right on strip of road in front the Taman Mutiara Rinching bus stop. 

Thus far, there is no word yet on what caused the formation of hole that the Hilux has driven into. Though judging its flooded surroundings, the most likely culprit will be a burst pipe underneath, which has since lead to the creation of said sinkhole that partially swallowed the Toyota pickup. 

Upon further examination of the photo, it appears that the Hilux in question looks to have only suffered minor damage to its reinforced aftermarket front bumper as a result of its coming together with the sinkhole. This however could very likely have been a rather more tragic outcome if a smaller, less off-road ready, vehicle was involved in this particular incident. 

While the fate that has befallen this black Hilux is an unfortunate freak accident, this incident does serve as a useful reminder as to not drive into flooded puddles or ford through flash floods just on a whim. That is because it is impossible to know what lurks beneath the surface of the murky water. 

Below the water’s surface could hide submerged objects that could inflict serious damage on the underside of one’s car. Alternately, something like this sinkhole here could have formed beneath the water’s surface. 

Continuing on that note, it is actually hard to gauge the true depth of the water during a flood. Therefore in situations like this, it is best to stick to the driving on surfaces where it is possible to see the what you are driving on, even if you is in indeed driving what is a supposedly indestructible pickup truck. 

Going back to this particular incident, it looks as if aside from the minor damage to the front end, and of course the driver’s bruised ego, there looks to be no further physical damage to both the car and its occupants. The photos obtained also show that the stricken Hilux looks to be yanked out of its hole by yet another one of these Toyota pickups. 

Nevertheless, this unfortunate situation here continues on with the narrative of unfortunate events caused by the terrible state of Malaysian roads. On that topic then, it does too beg the question as to who actually is responsible for the damages here, Air Selangor or JKR? 

Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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