Toyota Now Offers A Massive Swan-Neck Rear Wing For Its GR86

This factory Toyota accessory for the GR86 will cost approximately RM 16,000. 

For those who wishes for their GR86 to look like it has come straight from a GT3 race, Toyota might have just the thing for you then with its newly launched swan-neck rear wing. 

Dubbed the GR Rear Wing, this accessory that is available directly from the manufacturer themselves is made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic that is infusion-moulded to shape. It is then attached to the vertical section of this sports coupe’s boot-lid through a pair of aluminium swan-neck uprights.

The overall design of the GR Rear Wing was apparently engineered using CFD analysis, to maximise downforce while simultaneously minimising air resistance. This in turn according to Toyota, supposedly ‘enables a solid aerodynamic effect to be exerted in various speed ranges from winding driving to high-speed driving, and improves steering stability’, which in other words is exactly what you would want a spoiler on a sports car to do. 

Moreover, there are in fact 3 angles of adjustment that the wing could be set to. The first angle of 0º is recommended as the standard position, while an angle of 1.25º is recommended by Toyota for GR86s running more aggressive aero setups than standard, with larger canards and/or front lip spoilers for instance. The final angle of 2.5º on the other hand is apparently only recommended for use during wet and slippery conditions. 

Toyota recommends for the GR Rear Wing to be paired with its optional factory aerodynamic packages, as installation of the massive spoiler alone will cause the overall aerodynamic balance to be biased toward the rear. Said optional package, in standard trim at least, brings with it a new front lip spoiler and side canards, deeper side skirt mouldings, an aero stabilising cover (that fills the step between the rear glass and the trunk lid) as well as a larger rear diffuser. 

In its expanded form meanwhile, the aerodynamic package adds a GR Aero nose cone, subtle door mirror fins and even roof fins. Both optional package do actually also include a standard GR duck-tail boot spoiler too, but Toyota has insisted that only one type of spoiler can be fitted to the rear of the GR86 at any one time. 

The standard and expanded versions of the factory aerodynamic package are ¥380,600 (RM 12,000) and ¥492,800 (RM 16,000) respectively, while the price for the GR rear wing alone is to be a rather hefty ¥517,000 (RM 16,000) on top of either bodykit option. Toyota does nevertheless offer a 1-year 20,000 km warranty on these factory add-ons. 

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