Mercedes-AMG GT Previewed With An 800+HP PHEV Powertrain

The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept E Performance hints at future electrified option for this V8 supercar. 

Despite just being a fortnight after the reveal of its second generation AMG GT, Mercedes-Benz has nevertheless already previewed a potential PHEV powertrain that might soon find its way in between the bulbous wheel arches of its flagship supercar. 

Debuting at the recent Munich IAA, the Mercedes-AMG Concept E Performance previews a rear-mounted electric motor to be stuffed alongside the usual 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 available in its purely-petrol counterpart. And although the German automaker has yet to announce specifics regarding its electrification effort here, there is the general credible assumption for this PHEV powertrain featured here to be identical to the one currently found in the GT 63 S E Performance 4-Door Coupé super-sedan. 

To that end therefore, it is likely too that this PHEV variant of the AMG GT will share the same headline 831 hp horsepower figure as said hybridised super-sedan. A horsepower figure that will incidentally be the highest ever to be output by Mercedes’ flagship supercar, as it eclipses even the 730 hp output by the ‘ring record-breaking Black Series from the previous generation. 

Further details regarding the availability of this PHEV powertrain in the GT will be available in due course. But going from the fact that this concept does look to be somewhat production-ready already, an official production announcement shouldn’t be too far off. This is especially considering that the only apparent visual difference between this concept car and its production petrol-powered counterparts is to be the discreet addition of a charging port to its rear bumper. 

And just touching a little bit more on the subject of its production counterparts, the second-generation AMG GT was developed in tandem with the next-generation SL. So there might also be a non-zero chance for this PHEV powertrain to be offered in Mercedes’ flagship drop-top too. 

One final interesting note to add though, the updated V8 that is offered with the next-gen AMG GT is supposedly already compliant to the strict Euro 7 emissions regulation. And given too that the PHEV powertrain will likely add a not-insignificant amount of kilos to the already hefty 2-tonne kerb weight of this two-door, will the extra 201 hp boost from the electric motor actually be enough to sway enthusiasts from picking the lighter and presumably cheaper purely petrol versions instead? 

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