The China Car Spotting Challenge (Difficulty Level: Expert)

Really go wrack your brains now to identify some rather unknown cars spotted on the  roads of China. 

Now (hopefully) having completed the Easy and Intermediate levels, here is the final set of 10 cars for you to identify. And as the title suggests, these are among the most obscure cars that this writer had the opportunity to spot on the roads in China. 

Much like the previous two easier levels, every correct guess nets you 1 internet point, but only if you manage to name BOTH the make AND model. The answers to each spot is right below the image, so don’t scroll too far down all at once if you want to properly challenge yourself! 

Feel free to leave a comment down below on how many points you scored too, just to show the world how extensive your car knowledge is. No cheating though!

Car #1: 

Answer: Arcfox α-S (Alpha-S)

Fun fact: The electronics in this all-electric sedan has been co-developed with Huawei.     

Car #2: 

Answer: Qoros 5

Fun fact: Qoros is actually a 50/50 joint venture between the Israel Corporation (Israel’s state holding company) and Chery, and this 5 actually accounted for 45% of the automaker’s sales in 2016. 

Car #3:

Answer: (GWM) Haval M2

Fun fact: This M2 was lifted crossover version of the Great Wall Coolbear, which in turn was (allegedly) a Chinese copy of the Scion xB. 

Car #4: 

Hint: Nope, not a Gen 2. 

Answer: Lianhua L3

Fun fact: The Gen 2s made it to China under a joint venture between Youngman Automobile and funnily enough, Lotus. 30,000 units of these Protons was apparently agreed upon to be exported completely built up from Malaysia to China, with the further option to locally-assembled another 80,000 units over there. 

Car #5:

Answer: Hongqi HS5

Fun fact: The HS5 is Hongqi’s best-selling model in its lineup, with nearly 130,000 units sold in China alone in 2022.

Car #6: 

Answer: Chery QQ Wujie Pro

Fun fact: This two-door mini EV can actually seat four, apparently. The spec sheet also touts for it to be capable of 408 km of range on a full charge, according to the CLTC test cycle that is. 

Car #7:

Answer: IM LS7

Fun fact: This all-electric crossover is the first mass-produced Chinese car to feature a half-spoke steering wheel. 

Car #8:

Answer: (Changan) Qiyuan A07

Fun fact: This flagship sedan of the Qiyuan range is interestingly also the only one in the lineup to have a fully-electric version (capable of 710 km range) alongside the typical range-extending hybrid trims found in its smaller siblings. 

Car #9:

Answer: Hongqi H5

Fun fact: Underneath that brash grille of this Hongqi is actually to be a third-generation Mazda6. 

Car #10:

Answer: Luxgen U6

Fun fact: Luxgen is in fact a Taiwanese car company, with this compact crossover sold in China under the Dongfeng-Yulon joint venture. 


Seriously, even this writer has no idea what this trike is. And this is after spending quite a lot of time trying to find out online. So really, leave a comment below if you actually know…

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