Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory Has Just Produced Its 2 Millionth EV

It only took less than 4 years for Tesla’s Shanghai plant to achieve this production milestone. 

Tesla has recently announced that its Shanghai Gigafactory has recently made its 2 millionth car. An already remarkable feat in its own right, this production milestone is nevertheless made all the more impressive when considering that this Chinese EV plant only began churning out EVs in late 2019. 

What more is that with this 2 millionth car milestone, it would mean for this Chinese manufacturing plant to have been where nearly 40% of the total number of Teslas were produced to date. Though this astounding figure really should come as no surprise, as the Shanghai Gigafactory is currently holds the title as the world’s largest EV production site after all.

Currently Tesla’s largest factory by volume, the Shanghai Gigafactory was initially designed with the intention to fulfil the massive demand for its cars in China. This manufacturing site however soon also took up the role as the company’s primary vehicle export hub too, with Chinese-made Model 3 sedans and Model Y crossovers currently being exported to other Asian and even European markets. 

Located within Shanghai’s Lingang free-trade zone, this Tesla gigafactory was the first of its EV factories that was built on foreign soil. Over 710,000 vehicles were produced in this Chinese manufacturing site last year, which in context accounted for more than half of 1.31 million Teslas that were produced in 2022. 

The 1st millionth car to roll off the line in Shanghai came 33 months after production initially commenced in August 2022, while the 2nd millionth milestone was instead subsequently surpassed in a staggeringly short 13 months. Both production milestones were nevertheless marked by Model Ys, with this Chinese plant also recently having recently celebrated the production of its millionth unit of this rather popular e-crossover just this past July. 

Though it is probably the Model 3 that is soon to be the poster-child of this factory again, as this Shanghai plant is supposedly the only site where the updated version of this all-electric sedan will currently rolling out from. Said facelifted EV is also incidentally coming to Malaysia too, with it wearing a very attractive price tag that starts from just RM 189,000. 

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