Proton takes in 5676 unit sales after lockdown

The first sales results are now in for PROTON as lockdown is lifted and car showrooms re-open for business after a long closure and almost zero sales.

The rush to buy a new car, especially with PROTON’s low priced models like the Saga and Iriz was as we predicted when the government did a generous handout to the many public servants who were financially NOT affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as they continued to receive full monthly salaries whilst staying at home which meant lower monthly cost. After the lockdown, car showrooms, including Proton were handing out generous discounts and this further motivated car sales for these government buyers.

Proton Saga discount

PRESS RELEASE: In May 2020, PROTON sold 5,676 vehicles, accounting for an estimated market share of 23.3 per cent. During the same month in 2019, the Company sold 10,611 units marking a difference of 46.5 per cent and a reflection of the challenging market conditions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Positive trends for the remainder of 2020

The 5,676 units in May, an improvement of 73.2 per cent compared to March 2020, is despite the need to comply with the standard operating procedures of the CMCO. Year-To-Date (YTD) PROTON’s volume reduced by 23.3 per cent for the first five months of the year while Total-Industry-Volume (TIV) is estimated to have shrunk by 48.7 per cent over the same time period.

In terms of market positioning and market share, PROTON remains as the second most popular car brand in Malaysia with a YTD market share of 21.1 per cent, which is in-line with targets set for the year.

Proton Iriz

Proton models continue to lead market segments

PROTON’s performance in May was the direct result of four models being the best-sellers in their respective market segments. The Proton X70 retains its position as the best-selling C-segment SUV in the country, and cumulatively for 2020, it is also the best-selling SUV overall.

Assembled on a new production line in Tanjung Malim it received a product update in May, an N95 cabin filter, as part of its Proton-Intelligent Air Purifier System (P-IAPS). The new part is also offered to current Proton X70 owners as a replacement for their dust and pollen filter.

There was more success for PROTON when the venerable Proton Saga achieved the accolade of best-selling car in Malaysia for May. It is the first time the updated 2019 model has managed the feat and also means it was the most popular A-segment sedan in the country last month. Other Proton models also performed very well with the Proton Persona being the best-seller in the B-segment sedan category while the Proton Exora remained in its customary position at the top of the C-segment MPV market.

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