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Fireworks In Car Explodes, Causing Iswara To Split In Two 

Yet another reason as to why fireworks should only be handled by professionals. 

Reports of a Iswara violently splitting into and causing significant damage in Kota Bharu has been the big news of late. What was initially reported as a freak accident caused a lightning strike however has since been attributed to some firecrackers going off within the Proton sedan. 

Just as a recap for those who may have missed this horrific accident that occurred around 5.30 pm yesterday (21st May 2021), a Iswara Aeroback had suddenly and violently exploded near the Kampung Sireh junction in Kota Bahru. The force of the blast on the rainy evening split the Proton in twain, in addition to jettisoning its driver — a man in his 50s —some 20 m away from the car, which resulted not only in his unfortunate passing but also the severing several of his limbs in the process. 

The split Iswara that eventually burned to the ground at the intersection and its dead driver however were unfortunately not the only victims of this accident, as four other victims who were near the scene were also injured. According to Kelantan police chief Datuk Shafien Mamat, these four injured parties, which included a police officer, are currently being treated at the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital. 

Speaking further about this incident, Datuk Shafien Mamat said the initial investigation by the fire and rescue team found that the car that exploded was apparently carrying fireworks. Witnesses to the fatal accident too have reported that the deceased was allegedly attempting to light up a cigarette before the explosion, hence police are currently investigating the theory as to whether this action may have inadvertently accidentally set off one of the supposedly numerous ‘mercun bola’ firecrackers that blew up this Iswara. 

Continuing on the topic of witness reports, Mohd Khairul Anwar Mohd Zin, who runs a restaurant 40 m from the scene of the accident said that he believed a bomb had gone off. Running out from the kitchen after the explosion occurred, he reports that the situation was quite chaotic with people running to save themselves, adding that he also heard several other survivors asking for help.

A total of six cars, including the blown up Iswara, were damaged due to this accident. The aforementioned restaurant, mosque and grocery store nearby were affected by the blast, though it was also reported that the substantial force of the explosion managed to shatter the windows of buildings 100 m away. 

Though perhaps not the best time to include such information, but it is perhaps best advice not to smoke in a car that one is ferrying explosives in. The same advice though could also be applied more generally, by refraining from smoking too at a petrol station. 

On the subject of petrol stations, the other piece of advice would not be to leave the engine running while filling up as similarly disastrous consequences could be observed too. Explosions involving cars struck by lightning however are actually quite a rare occurrence, as the vehicle’s metal shell acts as a Faraday cage and hence typically protects the occupants within from its electrocuting effects.



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