PRO-NET Brings DC Fast Chargers To More Proton Dealerships

11 DC and 13 AC chargers have since been installed by PRO-NET in various Proton & smart dealerships nationwide. 

In further facilitating the EV push by both smart and eventually Proton, PRO-NET has recently announced that it has further expanded its own charging infrastructure network to a couple of Proton Edar outlets in Peninsula Malaysia.

Through its collaboration with charging partner Gentari, PRO-NET has since successfully deployed 6 additional twin-port DC charging stations in various Proton dealerships dotted around Peninsula Malaysia. The table below provides further detail on exactly where and how powerful each one of these newly installed fast chargers are. 

No. Dealer/ Company State Town Type of Charger No. of Charging Station No. of Charging Bay Charger Output (kW)
1 PROTON Centre of Excellence Selangor Shah Alam DC 1 2 100
2 Pesat Auto CTM Pahang Kuantan DC 1 2 120
3 YS Autoworld Kuantan DC 1 2 60
4 Mercu Usaha Mesra Corporation Kedah Sungai Petani DC 1 2 60
5 Anggerik Motor Johor Senai DC 1 2 50
6 JM Otomobil (Inovatif) Kelantan Kota Bharu DC 1 2 60
7 Tahap Puncak* Melaka Bukit DC 1 2 60

*operated by Dealer

PRO-NET touts for this expansion of its charging network to Proton dealerships marks a substantial addition to its existing smart dealership network, which already prides itself on offering a comprehensive charging solution at its locations. There is currently 5 DC chargers and 13 AC chargers for a grand total of twenty-two (22) charging bays in various smart dealerships across peninsula Malaysia, with the full detailed list found in the table below. 

No. Dealer/ Company State Town Type of Charger No. of Charging Station No. of Charging Bay Charger Output
1 Eleganz Lifestyle Penang Jelutong DC 1 2 120
2 Wheelcorp EV Selangor Setia Alam DC 1 2 120
3 GB Auto Perak Ipoh DC 1 2 60
4 EON Selangor Glenmarie DC 1 2 60
5 Lee Motors Kedah Alor Setar DC 1 1 25
6 GB Auto Perak Ipoh AC 3 3 11
7 Hapseng Selangor Balakong AC 2 2 11
8 Hapseng Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur AC 2 2 11
9 Sigma Auto Melaka Bachang AC 2 2 11
10 PRO-NET Selangor Subang Jaya AC 2 2 11
11 EON Selangor Glenmarie AC 2 2 11

For those in Borneo meanwhile, PRO-NET has also promised that it is currently poised to extend its footprint in the east. This stems from its imminent plans to introduce additional charging infrastructure as part of its imminent dealership expansion plans to Sabah. 

“As PRO-NET advances into new markets, we are steadfast in asserting our leadership in this rapidly evolving sector. With our robust ecosystem of digital solutions, exemplified by the Hello smart App, and the continuous expansion of charging facilities, we are not just keeping pace; we are driving the movement towards modern urban living. Each strategic initiative underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that deliver unparalleled convenience and sustainability for EV owners nationwide,” emphasized Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of PRO-NET.

Currently, PRO-NET proudly proclaims that over 70% of public charging points are accessible through its in-house Hello smart App. This app integrates seamlessly with users’ digital lifestyle, providing real-time updates on charging point availability and locations.

In alignment with our Global Sustainability Strategy and our unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions, PRO-NET currently warmly invites owners of various EV vehicles or brands to utilize our chargers. It is worth highlighting however that access to chargers at the Hap Seng outlet is presently reserved for only smart and Mercedes-Benz owners.

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