Rolls-Royce Facelifts Its Cullinan With An Older-Looking Face

The new droopy-eyed look somehow makes this facelifted Cullinan appear older than its pre-facelift predecessor. 

Having been on the market since 2018, Rolls-Royce has since decided to give its Cullinan a little nip and tuck to keep it fresh for a few more years to come. Though having recently pulled the covers off off to reveal this facelift, it has made more than a few people wonder the luxury British marque has decided to update its SUV with an older-looking face than its pre-facelift predecessor.

Now the main culprit to that end has to be the Cullinan’s new inverted L shape DRLs, which Rolls-Royce says are inspired by skyscrapers, but has somehow given this SUV the face of a droopy-eyed old man. This is of course not helped too by its new drooping front bumper design that replaced the prior straight-slabbed unit, with the new (and gaudy) introduction of backlighting for its massive Pantheon grille just emphasising the weary moustachioed butler look.

Fortunately, the major changes made to the outside of this Series II Cullinan has been kept to its revised face. Among the other minor alterations worth highlighting in this regard meanwhile are a mildly revised rear bumper and the new addition of massive 23-inch wheels for the first time on this SUV, with there to now also be a new Emperador Truffle hue added to its wide range of colour options. 

Moving on within the Series II Cullinan, there is now a new Spectre-esque full-width digital dashboard that brings with it the latest version of Rolls-Royce’s Spirit infotainment system, as well as integration with the marque’s private Whispers members’ app. The luxury automaker has also  pointed out here that the new tiny Spirit of Ecstasy figurine that is tucked beneath its analogue clock took four years to develop, with it also announcing for there to be a raft of new interior material (and even perforated seat pattern) options available with this new facelift as well. 

It is worth highlighting here too that Rolls-Royce has since shown off too the Black Badge version of its Cullinan Series II, which features much the same old man look of the regular variant, but distinguished on the outside at least with the option to have various exterior accents (like the Spirit of Ecstasy, the front grille and even now the window frames) in a more menacing black colour. New on this sportier version also is its 23-inch alloy wheels that feature 10 interwoven spokes and black-chrome trim bits round its rump, while the highlight within its cabin is its carbon fibre trim on the dashboard coated in no fewer than six coats of lacquer.

As for what lies under the hood of these massive SUVs, both versions of the Series II Cullinan continues to soldier on with purely V12 power. The twin-turbo 6.75-litre churns out 563 hp in standard tune while pumping out 592 hp in Black Badge guise, with the sportier twin also netting a more aggressive throttle and transmission calibration, as well as reduced brake pedal travel.

Rolls-Royce hasn’t yet announced pricing on this revised Cullinan, though it is likely the case of those needing to ask being the same crowd who can’t afford one anyway. It is nevertheless expected for this updated iteration of the most requested of model from the British luxury marque to begin finding its way to its affluent customers globally by this year’s end, with the datos and datins over here needn’t wait too long for its imminent local landing as well.

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