Nissan Skyline R34 Totalled 20 Minutes After Being Sold

Even sadder is that the new owner of this Skyline didn’t even get the chance to drive it yet. 

While the big local Skyline story dominating the Malaysian auto scene of late was regarding the sale of an uber-rare R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur going for RM 2 million over here, there has been another one of these JDM icons making the headlines in more recent time. Though unfortunately not for all the right reasons, as the tragic photo below illustrates. 

Yes, what you see here is a rather mangled Skyline that has embedded itself within a tree. What more too is that some of you might even recognise this particular blue Nissan sports car, as GTR 334 was a rather well-known car among the enthusiasts community over here. 

It is worth noting first and foremost though that how this Skyline ended up in this sorry state is no fault of the owner. Or more precisely owners, as the car had just recently changed hands. It apparently was instead the fault of the runner who was helping transport the Nissan to its new home, who had binned it into the tree just 20 minutes after the deal was done and dusted. 

Now the details in regards to how exactly the Skyline was totalled is still unclear at the moment. Going by the accounts of the prior owner however, it simply was the case of the runner being inexperienced with handling such a high-horsepower car and had just lost control of it when the twin turbos spooled up. 

Fortunately, the driver who sent it into the tree appears to have managed to walk away from this accident unscathed. Less fortunate though is the sorry state of the Skyline, which is more than likely totalled as a result of the crash. 

Such is evidenced by the fact that the front right wheel has been lodged right into the firewall, with damage to the other side of the Skyline not looking all that much better. This is especially when seeing that the left wheel is attached to the car by in the loosest of sense, though the RB26DETT in the middle of it all seems to have just escaped being completely annihilated by the tree. 

And continuing on the topic of the straight-six under the hood, all the custom uprated parts that went into this much-modified Skyline would certainly cost more than a pretty penny to replace if this Nissan could in fact be put back on the road. Provided that is if there are even workshops open to take on such a Herculean task of course, considering that we are still under a nationwide lockdown after all. 

Just to further rub salt into the wound of the new owner too, it is worth pointing out that they didn’t actually have the opportunity to drive their new pride and joy even once after taking ownership of the Skyline. But is nevertheless now left with the depressing (and presumably financially draining) task of either consigning it to the scrap heap, or resurrecting it back to life. 

This unfortunate incident here however does serve as an uncomfortable reminder that some degree of caution is required when handling high-horsepower cars, and that it will bite (and bite hard) when taking liberties with it. There is also perhaps a lesson here too about using middle-men when it comes to automotive transactions and transport, especially when this is not the first (nor will it be the last) horror story to have been told when these parties get involved. 

Joshua Chin

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