Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Agency Retail Model For Malaysia

This new agency model apparently should give its customers more convenience and better prices.  

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that it is implementing what it dubs as ‘Retail of the Future’ agency model over here. Malaysia will be the 10th country in which this new retail model will be implemented by the German automaker, and the first in Southeast Asia. 

Now for those who are unsure what this agency model means, the gist of it is for Mercedes-Benz to bypass the dealerships and essentially now be selling cars directly to the customer. And as alluded to by the press release below, the new role of its current retail partners meanwhile will be nothing more than ‘brand ambassadors’, who will ‘play a crucial part in ensuring a seamless customer journey of omni-channel experience, from the initial research phase to the vehicle handover upon purchase.’ 

If taking the German automaker at their word, this new ‘Retail of the Future’ agency model does bring with it a few benefits. Customers for instance can now buy their Mercedes-Benz from any dealer and even online, with the knowledge that the price for their three-pointed star will be one figure that is consistent between platforms.

What more is that Mercedes-Benz is promising for that price will be the best price on offer, with the whole buying process apparently to be ‘smooth and clear’ too. This new agency model will also allow customers access to an ‘unparalleled array of choices from a wide national stock’, instead of just whatever is available at their dealership. 

As for the benefits to the dealerships meanwhile, this new model purports for the current retail partners of Mercedes-Benz to now be able to ‘concentrate even more than before on customers and their support’. These dealers after all will still be the port of call for customers when it comes to maintaining their three-pointed stars, but customers will nevertheless now have the greater freedom from before to pick and choose their preferred dealerships while still being tied in during the warranty period.

So it may seem then the dealerships have really gotten the short end of the stick here, as most of the control it once had over pricing and incentives has since been ceded back to the manufacturer. Dealerships will also now need to work harder in maintaining their level of service, such that customers will continue to patronise their outlet. 

Though while the dealers may be slightly disadvantaged here, the customers on the other hand have quite a lot to gain from this retail model switch. And at the end of the day, Mercedes-Benz is in the business of making their customers happy after all.  

PRESS RELEASE: Mercedes-Benz has created a new way to purchase a new car, providing customers with a fully integrated and holistic buying experience in Malaysia.

Amanda Zhang, CEO & President, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia said, “The launch of our agency model is an exciting time for us and our retail network. This new approach brings a host of benefits from providing our customers the true luxury of time – a luxury that enables customers to interact with our brand on their terms, at their convenience. The agency model makes sure that it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping online, visiting a physical store, or doing both, our customers are offered with the best price and the process is smooth and clear.”

Bettina Plangger, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia added, “The agency model is a business operation that puts our customers at the heart of it. It’s designed to match the changing ways our customers shop, while also empowering our Retail Partners with a more streamlined and efficient business approach. This model also helps us work towards giving our customers with the best possible experience.”

One price, the best price: A seamless purchasing journey for consumers

The new agency model offers our customers with unmatched convenience and the luxury of time. It empowers customers with the freedom to interact with our brand whenever and wherever they prefer, providing an unparalleled array of choices from a wide national stock, all at a single, best price.

Whenever, wherever

Customers can conveniently switch between the Mercedes-Benz Store and or at our retail network, regardless of whether they want to exchange ideas with product experts or authorized agents; obtain information and/or conclude the purchase contract online. 

They will continue to benefit from a comprehensive range of services at Mercedes-Benz’s retail partners including vehicle sales, flexible financing options, maintenance and repair services, genuine parts availability, and warranty support. This convenient accessibility ensures a holistic ownership experience for customers.  

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Retail partners will continue as brand ambassadors

As brand ambassadors, Mercedes-Benz’s retail partners will maintain their pivotal role in offering customers a luxurious experience in their retail network. They will play a crucial part in ensuring a seamless customer journey of omni-channel experience, from the initial research phase to the vehicle handover upon purchase. The new agency model offers its retail partners the opportunity to concentrate even more than before on customers and their support. 

Customers can now visit our Mercedes-Benz Store and search for their new car at

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