KIA Picanto 2024 Model Uncovered

Also known as the KIA Morning In Korea, the Picanto get s a new look

The KIA Picanto has never been a popular buy in Malaysia only because it cannot better the Perodua Axia in it selling price.

Even though, the Picanto (Also known as the Kia Morning in its native South Korea) is better built, equipped and also safer, it is the national car status of the Perodua Axia that gives the selling price edge in this very price sensitive segment.

Kia Picanto 2024

The last Picanto to arrive in Malaysia was the GT-Line at RM57,888 whereas the Perodua Axia is priced from just RM38,600 which gives it an almost RM19k price difference.

For 2024, KIA has made changes to this popular compact car with very noticeable changes to the bumpers and doors.

It carries the KIA Niro inspired headlights with L-shaped signature lights. The low beams, taillights and third brake lights are all LEDs.

The dashboard now carries a larger floating-style touchscreen infotainment system.

KIA engineers have upgraded the current-generation petrol engines to improve fuel economy.

So, how much will it cost? Well in Germany where KIA is very popular and happens to be the largest compact petrol powered car market in Europe, this South Korean commuter car is the most affordable KIA vehicle with a starting price of USD17,340.  This is why it cannot be popular in Malaysia against our national cars that enjoy very low duties.

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