McLaren 720S Left Mangled In The Median After Huge Crash

The driver of this McLaren had however amazingly managed to survived this horrific accident. 

While Malaysians were busy discussing about the now well-known Skyline crash that occurred over the weekend, our neighbours across the causeway however had their own massive accident involving a high-horsepower car to talk about. With that specific Singaporean crash being a McLaren 720S that eventually ended up as a mangled mess, buried deep among the shrubbery of a highway median. 

Occurring last Wednesday on the 7th of July at around 7.00 a.m along the East Coast Parkway (ECP) heading towards Changi, how exactly the McLaren came to lie among the bushes on the median was apparently due to the driver simply having lost control of the British supercar while trying to cut into the fast lane of the highway. Accompanying dash cam footage of this crash (taken from what is claimed to be Ferrari no less, because Singapore) further goes to support this fact, as it shows the white 720S veering from the leftmost lane to the rightmost lane before crashing into the divider and flying into the air. 


Now fortunately for the driver of the McLaren, the British supercar’s carbon fibre shell has amazingly managed to still remain in one piece throughout the horrific crash. This therefore meant that the 42-year-old behind the wheel had managed to emerge relatively unscathed from the wrecked 720S, and was still alive and conscious when he was conveyed to Raffles Hospital by the emergency services. 

Rather less fortunate however is the state of this white 720S, as all four corners McLaren suffered severe damage that will likely be beyond economical repair. The front especially bore the brunt of the shunt with the shrubs, with not a single straight panel left on the nose of this supercar. Though its rear also didn’t really fare all that much better, particularly as the rear right wheel is no longer actually attached to the vehicle. 

This being Singapore after all, there will presumably be a rather harsh penalty if the driver of the 720S was found to be guilty of any reckless driving or speeding. Regardless of the result from the ongoing police investigation however, the driver would also likely be forking out a pretty hefty sum for the destruction of government property by landing their supercar amidst the meadow of a median. Adding that to the already gaping financial wound caused by what will most likely be the complete write-off of this SGD 730,000 (RM 2.25 million) McLaren too, this unfortunate fellow will therefore be learning a rather expensive lesson in what happens when liberties are taken with a supercar. 

Just on a tangent though from this accident and talking more about the stretch of road on which it happens, the ECP is apparently a rather (in)famous spot in Singapore where illegal street racing used to take place back in the 80s and 90s. It has therefore seen its fair share of accidents, with the most recent being a Ferrari 458 that aquaplaned and collided with a bus two months prior. 

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