McLaren 720S Loses Front End On Rainy Highway Accident

The insurance payout on this McLaren supercar would presumably be very costly. 

Social media is currently ablaze with news of a McLaren 720S that crashed on the MEX highway during yesterday’s rainy afternoon. This accident reportedly occurred on the MEX highway heading towards Putrajaya. 

Thus far, there has been no official word regarding this incident. The word on the street though about this accident is that the driver of this red supercar lost control of it during the wet weather, hence promptly crashing it into the crash barriers on the highway median. 

Pictures of this accident too seem to confirm that the McLaren is the sole car involved in the accident. Closer inspection of the pictures available online also seems to show that the occupants look to have made it out of there safely, as evidenced by mainly intact passenger cell. The same could not be said however for the sorry state of this crashed McLaren. 

What used to be a sleek front end of the McLaren has totally vaporised in the crash, with the only remaining bits of the front being a part of the aluminium frame rail on the left hand side. Both wings have also neatly crumpled till the bulkhead portion of this mid-engined supercar, indicating that the force of impact of this collision could be taken to be rather large. Thus concluding that the raised rear wing looks to have done little to slow this presumably fast-moving supercar down enough before the collision. 

The front wheels also look to have been pushed back a tad into the bulkhead from its original position, causing the left door to remain slightly ajar. From this, the hypothesis stating that the collision perhaps happened at an angle could be made, with the passenger side impacting the barrier first before sending the McLaren into a spin, eventually landing in the middle of the three-lane highway.

All signs point to this McLaren most likely being an insurance write-off. However for accidents like these, being able to walk away is already considered a blessing. This accident though does serve as a reminder to all to seriously consider taking it a bit more slowly, especially when the weather is wet. 

This incident serves as a particularly poignant reminder directed especially to supercar owners who actually drive their high performance machines on public roads. This McLaren crash is not the first supercar accident to occur on a wet highway, nor would it be the last. While high performance cars on high performance tires should rightly be capable of handling wet conditions at speed, the driver behind the wheel may not. So when it rains, perhaps take it down a notch to avoid ending up like this cautionary tale over here. 

Joshua Chin

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