Edition 100 S-Class & GLS Marks 100 Years Of Maybach

Maybach celebrates its centenary with two uber-exclusive variants of Mercedes’ poshest models. 

Maybach is to be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Though in place of a nice cake, this premium offshoot of Mercedes-Benz has instead decided to unveil two uber-exclusive variants of the S-Class and GLS to mark this momentous occasion instead. 

Appropriately dubbed the ‘Edition 100’, both these centenary specials come resplendent in a custom hand-painted two-tone Cirrus Silver and Nautical Blue colour combination. A unique set of monoblock alloy wheels finished in dark chrome adorns these anniversary edition Maybachs too, with the final distinguishing touches on the exterior coming in the form of discreet ‘Edition 100’ badging on the door sills and hub caps. 

In speaking of these emblems meanwhile, a smattering of them have also found its way in the midst of its custom Crystal White and Silver Gray Pearl leather interior. Exclusive to these Edition 100 Maybachs too is a hand-made crystal white or black leather file case and a custom car cover, not to mention the option of a diamond-studded fountain pen and a champagne flute with a specially created engraving courtesy of Robbe & Berking as well.  


Now as for what powers these Edition 100 Maybachs, there is unfortunately no extra 100 horses to be found under the hood of either special editions. That is as both these anniversary GLS and S-Class variants are still to feature the same twin-turbocharged V8 and V12s respectively as in its standard siblings, with the wider kit list — which naturally includes such luxuries like a Burmester 4D surround sound system as standard — being largely the same as its (comparatively) common counterparts too. 

With only 100 units each of these centenary celebration S-Classes and GLS models being made however, it therefore shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that these Edition 100s are likely to cost more than a pretty penny. Prices have unfortunately yet to be officially revealed thus far, but those thinking of placing an order for one of these when bookings open later this year are likely looking at a good bit north of the €217,323 (RM 1.06 million) that the regular Maybach S680 retails for over in its home market of Germany. 

PRESS RELEASE: ”What is good must also be beautiful.” This was the credo of Wilhelm and Karl Maybach at the beginning of the 20th century. Father and son were regarded as gifted designers, trailblazers of automotive luxury and pioneers in matters of style. With a simple-sounding formula, they created highly complex things: perfection and craftsmanship paired with innovation, both technically and in terms of workmanship. This is what the name Maybach stands for to this day. The Mercedes-Maybach brand continues to develop, with more models – soon also electric. At the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich, Mercedes-Maybach presented the “Concept EQS” and thus gave a preview of the first fully electric series model from 2023. The SUV will be based on the modular architecture for luxury – and premium-class electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Maybach is presenting the “Edition 100” to mark its 100th anniversary. A special edition of the current S-Class and GLS models, each limited to 100 units. The special series can be ordered from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Wilhelm Maybach, born in 1846, was a close companion of Gottlieb Daimler and initially worked for Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. Among many innovations, he developed the first Mercedes, which dominated the Nice Race Week in 1901. This success earned him the honorary name “Roi des Constructeurs” – King of the Constructors. He and his eldest son Karl combined progress with form: They wanted to create “the best of the best”. “I think about it around the clock, a constant impulse: the perfection of the technology,” said Wilhelm.

Maybach Motorenbau GmbH presented the first mass-produced car at the motor show in Berlin in September 1921. The W 3 model resembled a moving work of art: the first German production car with four-wheel brakes, epicyclic gear system and an interior with the finest materials. The audience was thrilled, a legend was born. The magazine “Motor” wrote: “A new star in the automotive firmament is beginning to shine.”

In the 1920s and 1930s, Maybach became an expression of character and social position, and the epitome of technical and craftsmanship refinement – in short, custom-made luxury. From then on, kings, industrialists and artists were chauffeured in the stately limousines and majestic Pullman saloons, and travelled the world in chic coupés, cabriolets and roadsters. Every Maybach model is uniquely equipped. Precision meets glamour. An Indian maharajah even had his limousine decorated with gold and rubies in 1928.

After the death of Karl Maybach in 1960, Daimler-Benz AG took over Maybach Motorenbau GmbH In 2002, MAYBACH was revived as an independent brand: until the beginning of 2013, legendary vehicles like the Maybach 57 and Maybach 62 as well as the Maybach 62 Landaulet were delivered to customers all over the world. Again, automotive excellence was the driving force for engineers, designers and customers alike.

Mercedes-Maybach has been a Mercedes-Benz brand since 2014. In addition to the standard Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and GLS models, the brand is also launching the S 600 Pullman as well as limited-edition special models such as the S 650 Cabriolet or a G 650 Landaulet. The core markets are China, Russia, South Korea, the USA and Germany.

Each model follows the brand’s tradition of creating the “best of the best” and is made in consultation with customers at the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart. On request, the vehicles can also be individualised with attention to detail by the specialists in the Mercedes-Maybach Manufaktur programme: craftsmanship and perfection at the highest level.

“It’s about the passionate combination of every detail, no matter how small, that makes a luxury car a Maybach – all in combination with state-of-the-art technology from Mercedes-Benz. Every Mercedes-Maybach stands for Sophisticated Luxury in all its facets – for our customers who are looking for something very special,” says Philipp Schiemer, Head of Top End Vehicle Group Mercedes-Benz AG and CEO Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

New models for real enthusiasts – Mercedes-Maybach launches the “Edition 100”

To mark its centennial, the brand continues its journey towards maximum individuality, independence and comfort with two high-tech models.

The top-class GLS SUV with a V8 engine and 557 hp combines a sporty appearance with the luxury of a saloon: it is 33 centimetres higher than the classic saloon, offers a uniquely generous interior with 1.10 metres of legroom and air suspension. The interior is soundproofed and adorned with the finest leather. Electrically extendable running boards ensure maximum comfort when getting in and out.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class luxury saloon with a V12 engine and 612 hp is the perfect chauffeur-driven saloon. Equipment highlights include the noise-insulated first-class rear compartment with Burmester 4D surround sound system, heat and massage functions for the seats and high-tech screens for infotainment. Compared to the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class, the model has an 18 centimetre longer wheelbase and is equipped with all-wheel drive for the first time.

Both models are now being celebrated in the most beautiful way in a refined “Edition 100” limited to 100 units each: characteristic Maybach hallmarks such as the impressive radiator grille bear the brand emblem. The S-Class and GLS are hand-painted in the same two tones – high-tech silver/nautical blue – and feature a special design of leather interior in designo crystal white/silver grey pearl.

The brand logo including the inscription “Edition 100” adorns the C-pillar (S-Class) or D-pillar (GLS), various stowage compartments and the illuminated panels in the interior. The “Edition 100” lettering also adorns the hub caps. The forged wheels of the GLS and the wheels of the S-Class also shine in a new grey finish.

A car cover with the iconic double M as well as a fine handmade case made of soft crystal white or black leather in file size – made to store keys and papers – further underline the exclusivity of the edition. In keeping with the anniversary edition, Mercedes-Maybach’s long-standing partners are also designing strictly limited special series: Licensing partner Maybach Icons of Luxury, for example, offers a diamond-studded fountain pen from the Maybach the Peak collection; the silver and yacht manufacturer Robbe & Berking offers a champagne flute with a specially created engraving.

The “Edition 100” will be available at dealers in the first markets from the beginning of 2022, with other markets following in the course of the year. Orders for the limited special series will be accepted from the fourth quarter of 2021.

“Creator Brand” Mercedes-Maybach – expression of personal lifestyle

Even 100 years ago, Karl Maybach was already working with the best specialist companies in order to meet his customers’ wishes and their style when building the bodies. He combined technical quality with individual design and perfect craftsmanship. No two cars are alike. Each of the coachbuilders complements the outstanding engineering of the chassis and engines with high-quality equipment and handcrafted bodies. Customers see their vehicles as their own creations with character. Elegant unique pieces are created, masterpieces for connoisseurs and collectors.

The genesis of Maybach luxury is based on constant innovation – then as now. For this, inspiration is needed, impulses from outside, from creative partners like the early coachbuilders. For Mercedes-Maybach, ultimate luxury in modern form has always meant promoting creativity and making aesthetics in harmony with technology an individual experience.

Mercedes-Maybach relies on the expertise of its partners, a strong creative network of traditional businesses, manufacturers and visionaries.

“We see ourselves as a creator brand,” says Philipp Schiemer. “Every vehicle has always been configured and manufactured with veritable artistic ambition. Customers and producers have always been creative together – we want to preserve this spirit and further strengthen it in the future.”

Exclusive Maybach feeling for all areas of life

The anniversary year will also see the premiere of a special series of a champagne flute from the silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking. It features the raised Maybach logo on the base and the fine engraving of the Maybach “100 Years” logo. With great care, the Flensburgers also create matching water or long drink tumblers for connoisseurs and lovers of classics. Not only for Mercedes-Maybach owners.

Since 2008, the traditional company has also been building and restoring wood sailing yachts at its own shipyard, Robbe & Berking Classics. The longing for travel and beauty unites: “The large and small masterpieces of both companies are among the best of their kind in the world. In both manufactories, unique works of timeless elegance are produced from selected materials. In a perfection that arouses emotions not only among collectors and customers all over the world,” says Oliver Berking, Managing Director of Robbe & Berking Silbermanufaktur seit 1874 GmbH & Co KG.

Matching lifestyle accessories such as exclusive travel bags, leather goods, clothing, home and eyewear made in Germany enrich the customers’ lifestyles – beyond the car. Licensing partner Maybach Icons of Luxury develops the collections with the mythical brand emblem. Sustainably selected materials are used, such as natural horn, precious woods, titanium, cashmere or leather types that meet the highest environmental standards. The artfully staged understatement of the products conveys the fascination of the brand and fulfils the desire for personal expression. “We are driven by the goal of making the exclusive Maybach feeling tangible in as many areas of life as possible,” explains CEO Jutta Kahlbetzer.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary, the Maybach The Peak collection presents a limited-edition fountain pen with an 18-carat gold nib and serial numbering in a stylish wooden gift box. The clip of the pen is set with 100 diamonds, in a choice of either black or white, the cap tip is made of mother-of-pearl, and the body is lacquered in the blue metallic shade of the “Edition 100” vehicles.

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