Lynk & Co Zero Concept EV Claims A 700 km Range

Production of this sleek looking EV will begin in 2021. 

Lynk & Co has just teased its latest Zero Concept electric vehicle, ahead of the Beijing Auto Show that is set to begin this weekend. Touted as a ‘luxury pure electric vehicle’, this new concept is the first look at the future of this upstart EV marque. 

Headlining this new model in its lineup will be the new Sustainable Experience Architecture platform. A pure electric architecture, this new platform is set to not only underpin future EVs within the Geely automotive empire. 

However the ambitions of this platform is far greater than that, as it is also intended as the world’s first open source vehicle architecture. Allowing third party vehicle manufacturers an easy base for their own EV development. Perhaps something that prospective players in the EV game like Apple should look into. 

Design wise, the new Zero Concept has been imagined as an elaboration of the design language first debut on the Lynk & Co 01 SUV, the marque’s first vehicle that was launched in 2016. The front of the Zero Concept is traditional Lynk & Co fare with its slit-like headlights mounted atop the fender, in addition the the full-width front grille giving it a gaping front face. However, the rest of the car is a completely different story. 

Supposedly a four-door coupe by nature, the Chinese EV firm interpreted that statement to mean an almost shooting-brake design. A steeply raked rear screen goes in contrast to the hatchback like front three quarters of the Zero Concept. The cars that are perhaps best used to describe this interesting shape would be the Jaguar I-Pace and its cousin the Polestar 2. That said though, this is perhaps a genius idea as the Zero Concept has managed to maintain the sleek design while allowing for actual adults to fit comfortably in the rear. 

Speaking of cabin space, not much is known yet regarding both the interior and the powertrain of this upcoming Lynk & Co model. All that was announced on the interior front is that the upcoming car will ‘support full life Over the Air updates with class leading artificial intelligence that will support full voice interaction’. On the powertrain meanwhile, Lynk & Co claims a century sprint time for this performance coupe of less than 4 seconds, and perhaps even more impressively a 700 km range based on the NEDC cycle. 

More information will be announced when the Zero Concept is unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in a couple of days time. Production though has already been confirmed for this EV, and is set to begin in a new Eastern China facility early next year. 

PRESS RELEASE: Lynk & Co, the global premium brand created by Geely Auto Group today unveiled the Lynk & Co Zero Concept, the first look at the future of the Lynk & Co brand as a leader in pure electric vehicles globally.

The Zero Concept is a luxury pure electric vehicle that will be based on Geely Holding’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), a pure electric architecture that will be used as the basis for all new electric vehicles within the Geely Holding Group portfolio. In addition, the SEA architecture aims to be the world’s first open source architecture that will be shared with other third-party vehicle manufacturers for their own electric vehicle development.


The Zero Concept was designed in Lynk & Co’s Gothenburg design studio that has already produced the highly acclaimed Lynk & Co range of vehicles which have jointly sold over 300,000 units in the Chinese market since the first introduction of the 01 SUV in 2018.

The Zero Concept is the second concept car from Lynk & Co. The first concept, the CCC Concept Car which aired in 2016 set the design direction for the Lynk & Co brand as it grew from one model, the 01, to encompassing five different models including SUV, Crossover, Coupe SUV and sedan models.

The Zero Concept is an extension of the original CCC Concept in its execution, utilizing Lynk & Co’s unique design language that has a clear expression; clear graphical lines that push boundaries and work to highlight the technological aspects of the Zero Concepts design language.

Peter Horbury, Senior Vice President of Geely Design commented:

“The dedication that went into the Zero Concept was incredible, and the result has been first class design with state-of-the-art technologies that allow for a zero-emission future. We have encompassed passion, performance and pure electrification into the Zero Concept.”

Using the SEA architecture has given Lynk & Co Design the possibility to create a vehicle with perfect proportions with low overhangs both front and rear as well as a dynamic sporting profile which fits the position of Concept Zero as a technology orientated performance touring coupe with a wheelbase that reaches just under 3000mm in length.

Sustainability has been placed at the forefront of the Zero Concept with the use of high-tech sustainable materials being used throughout the Zero’s design strategy that will further enhance the production variants zero emission credentials.

Stefan Rosen Head of Lynk & Co Design said:

“Our new electric architecture gives us the freedom to develop beautifully proportioned cars that are elegant, flexible and completely dynamic. Sustainability is key in our design strategy; we believe in a future with carefully selected materials and new technologies.”


The Zero Concept will go into production in 2021 and will support full life Over the Air updates with class leading artificial intelligence that will support full voice interaction. Range of the production vehicle is expected to be in excess of 700km under the NEDC cycle, whilst performance is also expected to reach sub four seconds for the 0-100km/h time.

Production will be undertaken at a new facility in Eastern China.

More information on the Zero Concept will be made available at the Beijing Auto Show which formally opens on September 26th 2020.

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