Flooded Luxury Cars And Homes In Klang Valley Continues

News of flooded cars and homes continue to stream into our social media accounts as the wettest weekend in decades come to an end.

Since Friday evening there has been reports of flash floods in just about every area of Klang Valley and we have already seen more than 20 different videos of cars and even trucks stuck on flooded highways and roads.

Then there are homes that have been flooded with luxury cars sitting in flood waters. Soon there will be a used red Porsche 911, white Lamborghini Aventador and a black Porsche Cayenne on sale ‘due to owner upgrading’, non-smoker and it will be from a VVIP owner (probably a Dato) with ‘very low mileage’.

flooded luxury cars

Hopefully the owner of the flooded cars has taken the right car insurance that offers insurance coverage for flooded cars.

flooded luxury car

There will also be some low mileage reconditioned imported luxury cars like a black colour Mazda MX5 roadster and a white colour Toyota GT86 going for a slight ‘year end special discount’ and some other luxury vehicles just getting field tested as they are designed for situations like this. This will be a slightly used white Suzuki Jimny 4×4 and the all new Land Rover Defender in white colour as well.

Flooded Luxury Cars

Both the Jimny and Defender will be fine as they are designed for taking in the rough and after a quick wash, they will be ready for their new owners.

However, will the approved permit importer be honest in declaring these cars were in a flood? Will they disclose the possible damage to the electrical system and also cabin carpets as these cars are sitting low to the ground and from the pictures you can see the flood waters have risen above the bumper level.

These flooded cars in the pictures above will probably have no warranty coverage for the new buyer.

Flooded exotic cars

There are a number of highways that are also flooded which means access back to Klang Valley for those of you who took a drive away this weekend and also some of you who visited friends and family in neighboring states might be stuck in between your journey.

In Port Klang more than 50 homes along Jalan Seroja have been hit badly by flood waters with residents never seeing a flood for more than 20 years. Residents in Alam Impian are also having knee high floods in their homes. Teluk Pulai residents are also seeing floods for the very first time.

flooded Porsche 911

There is little that can be done, except wait and let the flood waters reduce. The clean up operations will be a huge task for the town councils and many already suffering businesses will be forced into premature closure as a result of the flood waters damaging their premises and equipment.

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