Lexus RZ 450e Is A Luxury Electric SUV

The RZ 450e is Lexus’ first model to be developed as a BEV from the outset

This electric SUV has already undergone extensive track testing and refinement at the Shimoyama Centre in Japan, soon to be Lexus’ new global headquarters.

Interestingly, this RZ 450e also marks the first application of Lexus’ new e-Axles, compact motor units used front and rear that work in conjunction with new DIRECT4 all-wheel electronic drive torque control.

RZ 450e

High-quality handling and responsiveness are secured with a dedicated new electric vehicle platform, which brings excellent body rigidity, a low centre of gravity and a long wheelbase.

Meanwhile, to ensure efficient and long driving range, a powerful lithium-ion battery unit is fully integrated in the chassis, beneath the cabin floor, its quality finely controlled to ensure performance is maintained long-term.

The RZ measures 4,805 mm long, with a 2,850 mm wheelbase and short overhangs – 995 mm front, 960 mm rear. Overall height is 1,635 mm and the width is 1,895 mm (excluding door mirrors). In terms of external dimensions and footprint, the model sits between Lexus’ mid-size NX and large RX crossover models.

RZ 450e


Running with the e-TNGA platform, there is a motor at each end and the batteries under the floor. There is a 150kW front motor with an 80kW rear unit, giving a total system output of 309bhp and an impressive 434Nm of torque. This provides for a 0-100km/h time of 5.6secs and a limited top speed of a sensible 160km/h.

RZ 450e

The RZ 450e achieves excellent energy efficiency, with consumption rated at 16.8 kWh or 18.7 kWh per 100 km in the combined WLTP cycle, depending on wheel size and car specifications.


In side view, the design creates volume around the front wheels, illustrating the power in the front axle, while the rear wheels are pushed back to give a “torqueful” look. The doors have contrasting forms and striking surface treatments, creating a seamless visual sweep from front to rear.

RZ 450e

As with the recently launched all-new RX, the design sees the familiar spindle grille shape more deeply integrated into the complete frontal design, generating a stronger three-dimensional effect. As the electric powertrain requires less cooling airflow than a combustion engine, the familiar grille has been dispensed with.

RZ 450e

The area is instead finished in the car’s body colour, while the position of the slim headlamps and the blacking out of the bumper corners add emphasis to the central spindle shape, establishing a distinctive Lexus BEV look.

RZ 450e

The new-design headlight units are unified with the spindle body. Ultra-slim, they accentuate the Lexus L-motif of the daytime running lights, while the principal headlight lamps and turn indicators are made less prominent.

RZ 450e

The rear presents a cool, high-tech look with a split roof spoiler that extends the design’s rearward flow and contributes to the car’s stable performance.

RZ 450e

The elongated LED light bar across the width of the car has become a hallmark feature of Lexus design. Here it wraps around the muscular rear quarters with a geometric pattern and has an exceptionally thin centre section that throws the new LEXUS script on the back door into sharp relief. The rear track is widened to 1,627 mm (+15 mm vs front track), further emphasizing the car’s planted look.

RZ 450e

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