Hyundai US To Launch 7 New N and N Line Models By 2022

More Hyundai N and N Line models are on the horizon for the global market too. 

Exciting times lie ahead for Hyundai as the Korean automaker has recently announced that seven new N and N Line models will be arriving in the United States within the next two years. Spanning across the sports, sedan and even SUV segments, there looks to be a sporty, fun Hyundai offering that caters to nearly everyone on the car buying spectrum. 

To the very few who have yet to hear about the Hyundai N marque, it is the South Korean automaker’s performance lineup, much like what M is to BMW. The N Line meanwhile is akin to BMW’s M Sport trim level, that is to say a performance aesthetics trim package added to regular variants of cars within the Hyundai lineup. 

A success story right from the off with the launch of the Hyundai Veloster N and i30N in 2017, many now consider Hyundai’s performance division to be on par with many of the well established performance names in the industry. Even its sporty-looking N-Line variants of its regular cars, like the Sonata N Line and Elantra N Line seem to have been well received by customers. Therefore to continue this momentum into the future, Hyundai USA will be launching 3 new ‘purist’ N models and 4 new N Line models sometime within the next two years. 

Thus far, among the seven sporty and sporty-looking models that Hyundai USA plans to launch by 2022, only 5 of which have officially been announced by the company. For the genuine N models, these include an updated version of the Veloster N, and the newly-announced Elantra N. The upcoming N Line models that are currently confirmed are the Elantra N Line, Sonata N Line and the recently-teased Tucson N Line. 

Though Hyundai have yet to officially confirm it, the remaining N and N Line model that have yet to be unveiled for the US market seem to point to it being the Hyundai Kona N and N Line. The Kona N Line has already been on sale in other markets for a while now, whereas the Kona N has been spotted undergoing testing at the Nurburgring. Considering the boom in the compact crossover market in America, the arrival of these two sporty flavours of Hyundai’s popular compact SUV will undoubtedly be welcome over there. 

While this myriad of sporty Hyundais arriving in America may be welcome by enthusiasts over there, enthusiasts elsewhere however may actually have a wider selection as Hyundai globally has also announced the arrival of the i10 N Line and i20 N Line, not to mention the recent launch of the i20N compact hot hatch, which is the third genuine N model within the Hyundai lineup. Both of which are not currently offered in America, in addition to the i30N hot hatchback. 

Perhaps the biggest surprise though for everyone is the fact that less than 2 decades ago, it would be nearly unfathomable for most people to not only consider a Hyundai but are eagerly awaiting the arrival of its new models. Not least of all the automotive enthusiasts who have long been the harshest critics of these Korean cars in the past. It just goes to show then the leaps and bounds these Korean automakers have come in the last decade or two. 

PRESS RELEASE: Hyundai today announced an exciting, sustained cadence of seven new N and N Line models in sports, sedan and SUV segments through the 2022 calendar year. This steady flow of sensational new N brand performance models will include variants in each major vehicle category, including three purist N models and four N Line models. Offering N models in each of these categories ensures that enthusiasts from every walk of life will enjoy driving an exciting new N model. Elantra N will be the next N brand model to be revealed for the U.S.

The N brand family has currently revealed the Veloster N, Sonata N Line and Elantra N Line, with the remaining four N brand models to be unveiled in the near future. Early consumer research feedback on these future N models has been very positive.

“I’m proud of what our talented N brand engineers, designers and product development teams have in store for enthusiast customers. Hyundai is committed to developing exciting, heart-charging N models in varied segments that reflect our passion to indulge enthusiasts. We’re confident that enthusiasts will relish the agility and performance of our new N Line models”, said Olabisi Boyle, vice president, Product Planning and Mobility Strategy, Hyundai Motor North America.

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