Great Wall Is Reportedly Developing a Rolls-Royce-Rivalling Sedan

This upcoming rumoured limousine will be the first sedan Great Wall has produced since 2016. 

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is probably best known these days for its Ora brand of EVs or Haval brand of SUVs, but it seems that the Chinese marque is looking likely to launch something that will give Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz a run for their money. Such is because if the sole teaser released by the automaker is anything to go by, this upcoming premiere model for its new ZX subsidiary is to be a massive Phantom-esque luxury limousine. 

Now from the sole sketch revealed regarding this new model, the immediate thing that should be picked up upon with this upcoming sedan is for it to certainly look like it has the length to be a true luxury limousine. In fact, if word on the street is to be believed, this Great Wall will come in at a whopping 5.5 metres long, which for context is about the same length as the top-tier Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. 

As for its general design meanwhile, this new limousine however follows a more Rolls-Royce (or dare anyone says it Hongqi) aesthetic when it comes to its rather upright front end. And if the similarities continues from there, the single slim streak that is its LED headlight most likely will be followed up with an ostentatiously large grille. 

Moving down the side of this Great Wall now, it can be observed for its large satin 8-spoke rims to be complemented by what appears to be wing-mirror cameras and subtle chrome accents around the window frame as well as lower edge. What is interesting to note too is that the rather high waist line of this luxury limousine steadily bleeds into a tapered tail at its rump, which is then complete by some large right-angled taillight clusters with a certain Cadillac-esque feel to it. 

Given that this sketch is the only thing officially released by Great Wall regarding this new model thus far, further information therefore regarding its powertrain and interior unsurprisingly remains a mystery. Though it is perhaps not hard to hypothesise that driving those massive wheels will likely be a brace of electric motors, while its cabin on the other hand should feature a plethora of screens amid the sea of leather. 

It is currently expected for Great Wall Motor to be showcasing this new limousine as a thinly-veiled concept at this coming Beijing Auto Show in April, before its currently predicted official launch date later this year. 

In what is a rather interesting tid-bit of information regarding this upcoming model too, this new sedan has been cited by many as being the Chinese automaker’s first in 8 years, with the end of production of Voleex C50 in 2016 starting that drought. It is worth highlighting here once again however that Great Wall Motor does operate its Ora subsidiary, which in turn has just recently revealed its own 07 Lightning Cat all-electric fastback sedan…

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