Celebrate Chinese New Year With RM 20,000 Off An Ora Good Cat

GWM Malaysia is also providing a free wall charger worth RM 5,500 with every Ora Good Cat purchase during this promotion period. 

While it may soon be the year of the dragon, GWM Malaysia is nevertheless celebrating Chinese New Year by offering up to RM 20,000 off their Ora Good Cat. What more is to sweeten the deal even further, thrown in along with every purchase of this cutesy EV is a free wall mounted charger worth RM 5,500 as well. 

“As we welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, GWM Malaysia it is excited to share the joy with our valued customers through this special Chinese New Year promotion,” said, Cui Anqi, Managing Director of GWM Malaysia. “We believe in making sustainable and futuristic transportation accessible to everyone, and these exclusive offers reflect our commitment to that vision,” he added. 

This attractive Chinese New Year promotion is currently valid until 29 February, which GWM Malaysia asserts will allow customers ample time to take advantage of the extraordinary savings and benefits offered. Further information regarding the exact details for this promotion can be obtained by visiting the nearest authorized GWM dealerships, or explore the official website at or contact GWM’s call centre at 1800-18-2882.

Do note however that this isn’t exactly to be the first time GWM Malaysia has been slashing the headline-grabbing RM 20,000 figure off its Ora Good Cat, as the Chinese automaker did perform a similar stunt too just at the tail-end of 2023. So those interested should probably pay attention to whether these EVs on offer are to be models leftover from last year, which may change the calculus on deciding whether this deal is as sweet as it once sounds or not.

In any case, if taking the RM 20,000 rebate at face value, this will see the price of this all-electric hatchback drop to a significantly more appealing RM 119,800 and RM 149,800 for the base 400 Pro and higher-end 500 Ultra trims respectively. Both variants are available with the same 4-in-1 purr-fect package with a complimentary portable and home charger, 5-year or up to 150,000 km warranty, an 8-year or up to 180,000 km battery warranty, and 5 times free service with labour maintenance.

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