Highway Barrier Pierces Through Mazda CX-5 In Freak Accident

The highway barrier has completely skewered the Mazda CX-5 right along its left side. 

In what could only be described as a freak accident, a Mazda CX-5 has recently met its unfortunate end by being literally skewered by a highway barrier. This rather tragic incident occurred on the northbound stretch of the North-South Expressway (PLUS) near Rawang in the earlier this Saturday afternoon (at time of writing) on the 3rd of February. 

Unfortunately, there has been no official (nor unofficial) word regarding this accident thus far. Given though that the whole left side of the CX-5 had a highway barrier running right through it from windscreen through to the rear window, the chances of any occupants sitting on that side of the SUV is sadly slim. 

Fortunately however, the entire right side of the CX-5 appeared to remain intact. Eyewitness accounts of the highway accident also did note for there to be a female lying on the ground right next to the crash site. And given that she was reportedly whole, there is quite a high chance for there to at least be some survivors from this tragic event. 

As for how exactly this incident could have occurred meanwhile, it is hard to say what caused the Mazda to have veered off the road and set it on a course to hit the highway barrier. But the only explanation for how the CX-5 got skewed is for it to have probably sunk into a hidden dip by the verge before slamming right into the beginning of the barrier. Such is because by design at least, the highway barrier should have impacted the fairly high-riding crossover right where its headlights should be, instead of piercing through its windscreen.  

Given however that the barrier is in an upward trajectory, there could also be the alternate argument for the impact itself to be at the correct height with its headlights, but the barrier instead continued in the path of least resistance (which is through the windscreen of the Mazda) as the CX-5 to rammed right through it. 

Regardless of how it happened though, the more pertinent point here should be for this of skewering to not be happening in the first place. And while this particular accident may indeed be a freak occurrence, there should be better alternatives to the relatively simplistic end-plate design on Malaysian highway barriers that could provide an engineering solution to reduce that off-chance to zero. 

Joshua Chin

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