Geely Galaxy L7 PHEV Is The Latest SUV

Geely Galaxy L7 features 390hp and 115km of battery driving range

Chinese automaker Geely who owns Volvo Cars and Lotus Cars to name a few continues to dominate the news in China and also Malaysia with its latest models. Here comes another all new SUV that might be rebadged for Malaysia.

The Geely Galaxy L7 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) SUV with a triple screen interior.

It is powered by be a new battery assisted powertrain that delivers 115km of electric driving range. The selling price in China starts from 138,700 yuan (USD19,500) which means it could be priced very similar to the latest Proton offering, the X90.

Moreover, as a refresher, Galaxy is a new series of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles under Geely launched in early 2023. As for its model line, it aims to include seven models by 2025, including sedans and SUVs.

The Geely Galaxy L7 is a mid-size SUV with a simple design. It features a thin continuous LED light bar running across the bumper as a headlight. It also features a closed front without a grille. Geely uses 3-speed DHT Pro transmission to help optimize cooling which allowed the brand to reduce the size of the grille substantially.

On top of that, the Geely Galaxy L7 measures 4,700mm long, 1,905mm wide and 1,685mm tall with a 2,785mm wheelbase, making it longer than the soon to be launched 2023 Kia Sportage.

Geely Galaxy L7 PHEV

The top speed of the Geely Galaxy L7 is limited to 200km/h and offers two LFP CATL battery options .

The first is a 9.11kWh unit, good for 55km of CLTC range and 43km WLTP. The second option is a 18.7kWh unit capable of 115km CLTC range and 90km of WLTP range. Mixed range is between 1,310km to 1,370km.

The interior of the Geely Galaxy L7 sports three screens, with a 13.2-inch portrait central infotainment screen, a 10.25-inch digital driver display as well as a 16.2-inch front passenger’s screen. It can also be equipped with a inch Head-Up Display (HUD) powered by the Geely’s Galaxy OS and a Qualcomm 8155 chip.

The Galaxy L7 also includes ventilated front seats. And also sports up to 11 Infinity speakers, a Bluetooth key for mobile phones and Level 2 driving assistance.

As for the price range, The Geely galaxy L7 costs between 138,700 to 173,700 yuan (USD19,500 to USD24,430). The two lowest trim levels are equipped with a smaller battery while the three more pricey trims, enjoy the bigger battery.


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