France To Launch €100 Subsidised Monthly EV Leases

This new state-sponsored program is to enable even low-income households to afford an EV. 

While EVs may be cheaper to run in comparison to their fuel-burning counterparts, especially in this age of sky high petrol prices, their high purchase price however does also mean that prospect of owning one of these all-electric vehicles are still unfortunately out of the reach of those who may appreciate the low running costs the most. Though if you are French, you might soon just be able to go green with an EV lease that would just cost €100 (RM 450) a month. 

A scheme that was recently introduced by Budget Minister Gabriel Attal last Sunday on LCI television, this €100 monthly leasing plan is the latest plan by the French government to make EVs a more affordable ownership prospect, especially for lower income households. Further details as to how this state-subsidised deal would work, and what vehicles exactly will see this low lease rate, are however unfortunately still unclear at present. 

This €100 monthly leasing deal is nevertheless promoted to be less than what most French drivers currently would spend on petrol alone each month. The minister had also followed up by stating for the French government to currently be determining on how quickly the new affordable leasing measure can be rolled out, based on the availability of qualifying EVs.

12% of all new cars in France sold during the first 7 months of this year were of the all-electric variety, but there are still many in the country who could not afford an EV. This new affordable leasing deal was therefore floated by President Macron during his recent reelection campaign, to counter criticism of EVs being out of reach for many even with the currently available subsidies. 

The French government currently offers incentives of as high as €6,000 (RM 27,000) for the purchase of an EV priced under €47,000 (RM 210,000). There is also potential for additional government assistance under a trade-in program for older combustion-engine vehicles, as well as further investments made into infrastructure improvements for bicycles and e-bikes in cities. 

It is worth pointing out here though that France is not the only country to offer enticingly low EV leasing deals, with several other European countries having already implemented incentives that had seen some all-electric car leases be virtually free. Sadly for us Malaysians however, such schemes will likely be nothing but an idealistic hope, but hey at least we can take comfort in our cheap petrol prices, right?

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