Used cars is scaring Japanese reconditioned used car dealers  

Why? well we have a vehicle market that allows it and was created more than 25 years ago and today Malaysia is famous for being the number one buyer of used MPV’s (luxury or not) from Japan and it does it matter if the used MPV has had an accident in Japan or not as the Approved  Permit importer will import it into Malaysia ‘as is’ to get the import tax low and then there are plenty of specialized repair shops and junkyard (potong kereta dealers) in Malaysia that can get the accident damaged luxury MPV looking spanking new.

With no insurance claim done in Malaysia and no accident report filed, the used car dealer who imports in an accident MPV does not need to worry about the naïve Malaysian buyer who walks into his showroom and questions the condition of the MPV.

Looking great with shiny new paint and probably an interior that came from a junkyard shop and cleaned thoroughly but one of the many excellent detailing shops around the country, this accident MPV can be passed on as a single owner, low mileage, accident free MPV that is great value from Osaka.

Furthermore, used imported MPV’s do not have a warranty or after sales program so once signed and dotted, the new Malaysian owner just has to live with possible repairs, leaking windows (as accident damaged MPVs often have misaligned bodies).

Now comes a service provider that car verify your Japanese imported vehicle before you buy it from a crafty Approved Permit (AP) importer or used car dealer in Malaysia. Please note that NOT all AP holders do this, but there are enough of them doing this to ruin the reputation of those importing in good quality used Japanese vehicles.

This is, they are a service provider that charges a small fee that checks the real origin and condition of your luxury MPV before it was sold in Japan. Just go to their website, enter the details needed and pay a small fee and you get a full report.

SCRUT is not the first company to provide this service, but it is the first to make some noise in Malaysia and it is the right kind of noise that is needed to weed out crafty importers that are ‘cheating’ naïve Malaysian buyers.

Use SCRUT and do not get SCREWED!

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