Shell offers cash back, but read to find out if its worth it

Today, all Malaysian fuel stations are providing some form of incentive to get consumers to use their product. Just like supermarkets or even beverage/coffee shop chains and providers, there is always an offer for users to increase their purchase value and then consumers end up spending more than their budget to get the ‘free’ gifts and offers which might not be as good as advertised. Cash back immediately is always the best bet.

We are consumers like you and we have to use common sense when spending, especially in this economic climate. So, do not jump at every FREE gift offer and make sure the purchase makes sense before just looking at the word FREE!

Shell Malaysia is giving customers one less thing to worry about by encouraging cashless payments for a quick and safe experience when they fuel-up in this new normal. From 15th June until 26th July 2020, customers who opt for cashless payment methods at Shell stations nationwide will also receive “Ganjaran Ekstra” through cash-back and fuel rebates.

Cashless payment is great way to lessen the risk of exposure. At Shell, we want to ease the worries of Malaysians through cashless payment options such as debit cards and e-wallet payment options at Shell stations nationwide. Cashless payment users will also be enjoying rewards when they fuel up at Shell.

So, during these trying times Shell stations are providing an experience that is ‘senang, mudah dan selamat’ coupled with extra rewards for all our customers when they opt for cashless payments at their stations.

Customers who use debit cards and e-wallets to purchase fuels or Shell Select items at Shell stations during the campaign period will receive extra cash back and fuel rebates. To participate, just head to the nearest Shell station and fuel up with the following cashless payment methods:

  • Visa Debit Card: For six weeks from 15th June to 26th July, customers who spend a minimum of 3x RM40 per transaction via any Visa debit card will stand a chance to win RM12 Shell fuel rebates. Registration of the first transaction is required. For more information, please visit
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet: For four weeks from 15th June to 12th July, customers who spend a minimum of RM40 per transaction via Touch ‘n Go eWallet will receive RM4 cash back after 3 working days.
  • Boost eWallet: For two weeks from 13th July to 26th July, customers who spend a minimum of RM40 per transaction via Boost eWallet will receive RM4 cash back after 3 working days.

Now, looking at the above three offers from Shell, cash back is always welcomed and makes sense, and we think that the two eWallet offers are good to use and the first offer from Visa Debit Card should be avoided as it means registration and waiting for 2 more transactions before getting your cash back. Making you spend more than you probably wanted to.

For more information on Shell’s initiatives, please visit .

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