BYD Partners Shell For Its European Customers, Malaysia?

Electric car manufacturer BYD working with Shell In Europe.
In partnership with Shell, BYD customers now have access to over 300,000 discounted charging points across Europe and this shows the commitment of a fuel company to provide a different kind of fuel for a new generation of powertrains.

This partnership includes an exclusive Shell Recharge network platinum membership granting discounted charging at Shell’s fast & ultra-fast DC charging locations.

Meanwhile, in case you were wondering, Shell Malaysia in March 2021 had announced that they will be providing an electric vehicle (EV) charging network across the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

This electric vehicle charging network was also a collaboration with Porsche Asia Pacific which meant Porsche EV drivers in Singapore could drive across the highway friendly Malaysia without worrying about battery level top up.

Now, the EV charging does not end at the Malaysian-Thailand border as Shell is also installing EV charging stations in Thailand as well.

So, this means that Shell Malaysia’s collaboration with Porsche Asia Pacific, EV owners (not just Porsche Taycan drivers) can now enjoy fast, reliable, and seamless connectivity from Singapore, all the way to Thailand through Malaysia.

The Shell Recharge HPC stations are equipped with 180kW high-performance chargers which are built with two CCS Type 2 charging connectors.

These charging connectors allow a single vehicle to be charged at up to 180 kW, or two vehicles to charge simultaneously at up to 90 kW each, which significantly reduces the waiting time in between charges.

Shell’s ParkEasy app in Malaysia allows EV customers to reserve the HPC parking bay up to 60 minutes in advance. Other features include navigation access for EV customers to assist drivers in locating available bays and a parking barrier to ensure the bay’s security while charging.

While waiting for their vehicles to be recharged, drivers can take a break at Shell and enjoy the delicious offerings from Deli2Go or utilise various amenities provided at the stations.

To celebrate the completion of six Shell Recharge High Performance Charging (HPC) stations, Shell Malaysia in collaboration Porsche Asia Pacific invited media and electric vehicles (EV) enthusiasts to demonstrate how the Shell Recharge network strategically located along North-South Expressway (NSE) corridor, provides a seamless and worry-free journey for drivers.

The full-electric Porsche Taycan convoy powered by Shell Recharge traveled across 741 kilometers in a convoy that lasted two days and one-night flagging off from Johor Bahru to Ipoh with a one-night layover in Kuala Lumpur.

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