Buy a Volvo hassle-free with Volvo Car Finance

Volvo Car Malaysia are now providing its customers with better financing options through Volvo Car Finance. Volvo Car Finance is this new financial service by Volvo in partnership with RHB Bank that aims to give its customers a hassle-free and personalized experience to owning a Volvo.

Volvo Car Finance

Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia, said: “With favourable financing rates and monthly instalments, owning a Volvo vehicle of choice has never been as hassle-free as now for Malaysians. Through Volvo Car Finance, we empower our customers to embark on an ownership experience that is personalised for them, as Volvo continues to offer luxury designed for safety and sustainability – all of which are the needs of discerning customers today.”

The key benefits of Volvo Car Finance include:

  • Financing rates as low as 1.88% p.a. (Flat rate equivalent) for all Volvo vehicles across all tenures;
  • Financing period of up to nine years, with a maximum facility of RM500,000;
  • Option to embed a Prepaid Maintenance and Accessories Package into the financing facility;
  • Facilities that are similar to a housing loan/financing which allows for reduction of principal balance and profit charges.

Jeffrey Ng, Managing Director of Group Community at RHB Banking Group, added: “We are excited about what this partnership will bring and look forward to supporting Volvo customers with the flexibility of owning a Volvo vehicle that they desire by offering them preferential rates.”

Additionally, Volvo also mentioned that Volvo Car Finance will put its customer services as its top most priority. Offering low finance rates and flexible offers, this new financial plan from Volvo is sure to bring in a lot of new customers who previously did not expect to own a Volvo, especially the newer Recharge models like the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

For more information on this, you can visit the Volvo website at

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