Upcoming BMW X8 And X8 M Certainly Looks Interesting

As with all new BMW models these days, first impressions on this flagship SUV will certainly be polarising. 

To the millionaires looking for something more sporty from their giant BMW SUVs, well the new X8 will probably fit the bill nicely. If you can love the looks, that is. 

Following on from the Bavarian automaker’s naming scheme of even-numbered models being the sportier variation of its odd-numbered counterparts, the upcoming X8 is naturally to be a coupe-fied version of its current X7 complete with a more raked roofline. Sleeker it may be however, this new addition to the BMW X range of SUVs is still going to be a polarising car with regards to its exterior aesthetics. 

While it has already begrudgingly been a fact of life that BMW is sticking with the whole huge front grille look, new to the X8 however (from these renders) at least would be its twin-tiered headlight design. A departure from the traditional single unit twin-circular headlight clusters synonymous with the German automaker, and looking more like what a lot of other automakers are doing these days.

Speaking more about this new headlight design, it appears that the X8 will feature a small upper LED DRL slit and a larger headlight cluster down below that has been integrated into the styling of the bumper. And continuing on the topic of the bumper, the renders obtained show two variations available: a sleeker boomerang-styled accents for the standard car and a more imposing vertical design for the X8 M. 

From the render too, it is shown that the X8 M gains a front chin spoiler to further accentuate its aggressive front fascia. The ubiquitous M-styled wing mirrors and larger side skirts are also to feature on this sportier version of BMW’s upcoming flagship SUV. 

As for the normal X8 meanwhile, a more coupe-like sloping roof line than that of the X7 is the major highlight moving further back of this massive BMW. This rakish roof however would more than likely come at the detriment of the two rear most seats as to be found in the car on which it is based, making this X8 only a 5-seater as opposed to the 7 seats found in the X7. 

Competing directly against the likes of the Audi Q8 and Range Rover Sport, the X8 is expected to arrive sometime in 2022 sporting similar interior and powertrain options as the current X7. The latter meaning a brace of turbocharged straight-sixes and V8s for the standard car, and perhaps a 620 hp 4.4 litre V8 as found in the M5 competition for the X8 M. 

Spy shots for the X8 also indicate a PHEV powertrain is to be available in this upcoming SUV, with the 3.0 litre turbocharged straight six and electric motor powertrain combination that is found in the current X5 xDrive45e being the most likely candidate. More information regarding this new BMW should be available in the later months of 2021, when it is set to be officially revealed. 

Joshua Chin

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