Carbon Fibre Trim Stolen Off BMW M3 At Pavilion Car Park

The plight of fancy trim pieces going missing continues with carbon fibre bits disappearing off a BMW in KL. 

Reports have recently surfaced regarding a some carbon fibre trim pieces being stolen off a BMW E92 M3 coupe. The crime was allegedly committed in the car park of Pavilion KL. 

Thus far, not much else is actually known about the crime. The only other information gathered here was that both M3-spec carbon fibre wing mirror caps were prised off the BMW, leaving the owner to discover that he now had exposed wing mirrors on either side upon returning to the car. 

The thieves tried to run off with the rear carbon fibre spoiler too. Evidently from the pictures however, the adhesive proved too strong for the miscreants and they looked to have abandoned the attempt after prising one side of the spoiler off the rear of this performance Bavarian coupe. 

This is of course not a new phenomenon, with a similar case happening to the owner of a red Altezza that was reported here just a few weeks ago. One small crumb of comfort for this M3 owner perhaps is that the thieves had a little bit more finesse this time round, and didn’t just smash the mirrors off. Unlike in the other aforementioned case with the Altezza. 

Nevertheless, this should be a cause for concern for every car owner out there. Despite the theft of car parts being nothing new, with radio and other accessory theft dating back decades, what is chilling however is the increased frequency of these crimes being committed in recent times. Moreover, the thieves now appear to have an eye on aftermarket exterior accessories, much like in the case of the missing bits off this M3 here. 

That is because this is a relatively easy and quick job for most desperate folk looking for a quick buck in these increasingly desperate times. Even more depressingly though is probably the fact that there is not much owners can do to prevent these parts from disappearing off the cars that they were attached to. 

There is no tangible method to securely fasten these easy to remove exterior trim pieces to one’s car. Furthermore once off the car, these parts are virtually untraceable. Insurance will most likely not cover the damage too, especially if these parts were aftermarket additions. 

Parking in a safer place is perhaps the only reasonable defence. Saying that, parking in what is considered a relatively safe parking spot in KL didn’t stop these trim pieces from disappearing off this BMW. News of these crimes then just add another layer of anxiety and fear to all car owners every time their precious motors are out and about. 


Joshua Chin

Automotive journalist. Professional work on and Personal writing found at Instagram: @driveeveryday

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