BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept Previews Next 3-Series

The Vision Neue Klasse offers the best look yet at what future BMW models may look like. 

When BMW first kicked off its original Neue Klasse project back in the 1960s, the resulting lineup of cars (that included the likes of the 2002) cemented the German automaker’s identity as being the purveyors of sporty yet classy sedans. So there is probably going to be quite a lot riding on the shoulders of this particular recently revealed concept car, considering its given name of Vision Neue Klasse after all. 

In fact, what you’re looking at here is very likely to be what the next-generation 3-series will be. Or more likely what the whole next crop of BMWs will look like actually, as the German automaker has already stated that, much like the Neue Klasse project that firmly established its place in the industry back then, this new project bearing the same name is also hoped to bring about a complete brand reinvention ahead of an imminent all-electric future.  

So what is to be expected from the BMWs of the future? Well at least going the exterior of the recently revealed Vision Neue Klasse, a massive grille panel (which now envelops even the slanted LED DRLs) will be on the cards. Thankfully however, with a distinctly shark-nosed front end design and an upturned black diffuser, this particular concept does nevertheless shows that the future face of BMW may actually be somewhat tolerable once more.  

Moreover, aside from the shark-nosed front that was so clearly inspired by its models from the past, it would appear that other uniquely BMW design touches will be carried on into the future too. These include the iconic Hofmeister kink on the C-pillar observed on the Vision Neue Klasse’s fastback rump, with it also previewing some massive 21-inch wheels that apparently pay tribute to the classic cross-spoke designs from racing BMWs of the past. 

As for what to expect from within the next-gen BMWs meanwhile, the Vision Neue Klasse previews an almost Tesla-esque minimalist interior aesthetic, with only the bare minimum of physical controls to be found. What will not be lacking though within the cabin are screens, as aside from trapezoidal central infotainment touchscreen, this new concept also showcased BMW’s newly developed Panoramic Vision head-up display. An accent to the traditional heads up display that will also be present, this new feature will apparently display information right across the entire windscreen, and can be interacted with by the driver and front passenger either via a stalk on the steering wheel or through gesture control. 

Now as this is just a concept car showcasing BMW’s vision for the future, exact powertrain details of its future models are unfortunately not able to be gleaned from this particular concept car. That said, the German automaker has been making some big claims for its sixth-generation eDrive powertrain package and new cylindrical Gen6 lithium ion cells which will be underpinning the upcoming Neue Klasse lineup, with range figures of up to 1,000 km even apparently on the cards. 

Ambitious claims aside though, what is nevertheless more concrete is for BMW to soon be launching six EVs based on this general Neue Klasse concept in the space of 24 months. These six EVs will apparently span a range from sedans to SUVs, but it is understood that a production version of this 3-series sized concept shown here will be the first of the six to reach the showroom floors come 2025. 

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