Volkswagen’s ID.GTI Concept Showcases The Future of GTI

The iconic Volkswagen GTI name has since been confirmed live on in the future all-electric era. 

When the hot Golf hybrid was dubbed the GTE and the spicier ID.5 e-crossover getting the GTX suffix, it would have seemed like the GTI name was going to be a casualty of Volkswagen’s current EV transition. A name that iconic was never likely going to stay dead for long though, as the German automaker’s recent reveal of its ID.GTI concept sends the strongest signals yet for the Grand Touring Injection name to still live on in cars that don’t actually have fuel injection systems anymore. 

On the subject of the name however, Volkswagen has wisely decided to revise the ‘I’ of GTI to now standing for ‘Intelligence’. Though it could also as likely stand for ‘Influence’, because this ID.GTI concept, despite its electric heart, does nevertheless still bear all the hallmarks of what makes a GTI a GTI. 

ID. GTI Concept

For example, starting from the front, the ID.GTI adds some menace to the ID.2 concept on which it is based upon with a flash of its iconic red along the front grille and a large hexagon-pattern lower grille that is not unlike what is seen on the current Mk 8 variant. The black section in the lower portion of the front bumper too is meant to recall the bolt-on chin spoiler on the original hot Golf, as are the black segmented stripes along its side and below its rear light bar.  

ID. GTI Concept

And speaking of the original hot Golf, even the massive 20-inch wheels that caps off the aggressive side skirts new ID.GTI are apparently an homage to rim design of the granddaddy GTI. Its black rear spoiler with its single central support rib meanwhile apes the aesthetic of the one currently fitted to the Clubsport, whereas its prominent rear bumper-diffuser combination looks to be an entirely new GTI design trait. 

New too to the ID.GTI is also to undoubtably be its electric powertrain, but even then the GTI influence remains, with this hot EV to still be driving only its front wheels (like all GTIs have) through a single electric motor coupled with an electronic limited-slip differential. Volkswagen has unfortunately not revealed what the expected power figures are yet, but it did instead reveal a new feature known as GTI Experience Control, which can apparently enable drivers to configure suspension setup, steering feel, sound, and even create simulated shift points to mimic the fuel-burning GTIs of yesteryear which actually have gearboxes. 

Said drivers who might want to track their ID.GTIs will also perhaps appreciate the augmented heads-up display feature, which not just will project a layout of the track on the lower corner of the windshield but also display a lap timer for the potential passenger’s frightful enjoyment too. Other interior highlights worth a mention on the other hand include a 12.9-inch central infotainment touchscreen and a 10.9-inch digital instrument cluster, while the flat-bottomed steering wheel and its cabin finished in the usual iconic tartan serves as a reminder that this is in fact a GTI. 

ID. GTI Concept

If Volkswagen are to be taken at their word, the ID.GTI concept is highly likely to be entering production soon. How soon though remains to be seen, but given that the ID.2 on which it is based will apparently be launching in 2025, 2026 therefore seems like a reasonable timeline for the imminent all-electric next step for this iconic performance name. 

ID. GTI Concept

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