BMW i5 Electric Sedan Spotted On Winter Test

BMW has recently completed a part of the gruelling testing program for its new all-electric i5 sedan.

The tests were part of a global route and this on the on snowy winter roads in Northern Europe under heavy camo to prevent any early images of this sedan appearing online.

BMW i5

The BMW i5 is no secret anymore and was first spotted being tested in 2021 and BMW states that the new i5 has just finished a year’s worth of testing on ice and in the snow thus ending the program at its winter test center in Arjeplog, northern Sweden. Now it looks like the car is finally ready to enter production.

Moreover, as testing continued in Sweden throughout the course of 2022, BMW was also testing the i5 sedan at its German facilities, as well as in Munich near the Dingolfing factory and allowed the brand to see how the motors, power electronics, battery, and heating and cooling systems functioned.

BMW also set about fine-tuning all powertrain and chassis control systems including a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system that includes a near-actuator wheel slip limitation function and a drive torque control system to ensure the i5 “performs at least as proficiently as any conventionally powered model on ice and snow.”

Now, BMW has kept the technical specifications of the new i5 electric vehicle (EV) hush hush but we can surely expect this information to be revealed soon and we can assume these numbers will be similar to the BMW i4 M50. BMW also recently revealed a i5 Touring model is slated for 2024 as well.

BMW i5

On top of that, it is also likely that the new BMW i5 will be fully unveiled in October which is around the same time that the rest of the eight-generation 5 series lineup will also be revealed.

Meanwhile, BMW electric vehicle range is growing fast and in Malaysia its appeal with affluent Malaysians is rising and sales and better than expected despite the lack of charging infrastructure in some states.

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