Aston Martin Celebrates Merdeka With 2 Special Vantages

Aston Martin Kuala Lumpur commemorates Merdeka with the Vantage Iron Wolf and Midnight Viper limited editions. 

While other automakers may offer some special Merdeka promotion, Aston Martin however has decided instead to up the ante a bit this year by not offering just one, but two special edition Vantages in conjunction with our country’s independence. So as we waved goodbye to the British some 66 years ago, we now bid hello to the one-off Vantage Iron Wolf and Midnight Viper. 

Aston Martin Vantage Iron Wolf Edition

Starting with the Iron Wolf Edition first, this particular Vantage comes finished in a green-ish hue of Titanium grey with a matte black racing stripe. Striking red accents meanwhile adorn the carbon fibre lower extremities and wing mirror, with the entirely unique exterior aesthetic being capped off by a set of 20-inch gloss black diamond turned alloys and a vaned front grille that comes straight off the Vantage F1 Edition. 

As for the inside of the Iron Wolf, the sporty yet classy theme continues with the Onyx Black cabin livened up through the addition of an interior jewellery package. Said package apparently adds a dash of satin silver and gloss black to the cabin, and in turn supposedly ‘visually creates the highlights of a jewelled ambience in Vantage’s interior environment’. 

Aston Martin Vantage Midnight Viper Edition

Moving onto the Midnight Viper Edition now, this particular Vantage rather lives up to its serpentine name through its rich blue metal flake-infused Ultramarine Black paintwork, which is then topped off by some subtle yet striking Lime Essence accents that is most prominently observed on the rear diffuser, but also exists as pinstripes on the door, front lip and flanking the matte black racing stripe that runs right along the car too. 

And while on the topic of black, the Midnight Viper features a set of 20-inch gloss black Character alloy wheels and a black-out front grille, as well as a carbon-fibre bodykit. The black theme continues within too, with the Midnight Viper’s Onyx Black cabin nets much the same interior jewellery appointments as its Iron Wolf special edition sibling. 

Both the Iron Wolf and Midnight Viper exists as unique one-offs, with prices for each Vantage being RM 844,000 and RM 861,000 respectively before local taxes and duties. These prices do nevertheless include a 5 years warranty and servicing plan.  

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