All-New Genesis G90 Looks Set To Take On The Germans

Genesis could well give Mercedes-Benz and BMW a run for their money with their latest luxo-sedan. 

Genesis has recently revealed its all new G90 flagship sedan. And if its looks is anything to go by at least, this sleek saloon could well be a cause for concern for the traditional (and traditionally German) heavyweights in this segment. 

Now kicking things off up front first, this all-new G90 has undoubtably followed closely to the design cues previously seen on its smaller G80 sibling. Such is evidenced by the similar-looking diamond-shaped front grille, which is flanked by the slim Two-Line LED headlights that has been a feature on its current lineup of cars. 

Different however to its smaller brother is the adoption of a clamshell hood on this flagship sedan, which now stretches over its wings to eliminate panel gaps to create an even cleaner-looking front fascia. Inspired perhaps too by the Genesis X concept is the twin lines of LED that continues from its headlights all the way on its wings, in what could well be the longest indicators to ever feature on a car. 

The indicators though aren’t to be the only things that are long on the side of this G90, as this luxo-sedan will also soon be spawning a stretched version too (as seen in blue). This long wheelbase version brings with it an additional 190 mm to its wheelbase, in addition to a set of exclusive polished alloy wheels. 

In terms of wheels however, the intricate laced-pattern design on those fitted to standard wheelbase G90 (as seen in white) might just be the ones to choose, if pure style was the main objective that is. It has to be said too that the shorter of the two sedans just looks that little bit better, being more fitting the Athletic Elegance design direction that Genesis is going for. 

Moving onto its rear meanwhile, its curvaceous rump is complemented by a cheeky lip spoiler and a full-width twin light bar that sits over the Genesis name spread across. Below that sits a large chrome strip, with dual wide trapezoidal tips finishing things off nicely.

Unfortunately, Genesis is still keeping the details as to what exactly those twin exhaust tips are connected to under wraps for the time being. The same also goes to how its interior would look like, but it is nevertheless reasonable to expect the usual brace of screens and its customary twin-spoke wheel to be featured within the cabin of this upcoming South Korean luxo-sedan. 

Further details on this all-new G90 should be available in the coming weeks, with a full launch expected sometime next month. So if you’re perhaps a royal of a certain southern state in Malaysia then, maybe it is best to get on the phone sharpish to order yourself a new replacement for your soon-to-be-outdated royal ride. 

PRESS RELEASE: Genesis has officially revealed exterior images of G90, the latest version of the brand’s flagship sedan.

G90 follows the brand’s naming scheme, combining the letter ‘G’ for Genesis and the number ‘90’ indicating that it is the brand’s flagship.

G90’s appearance is the most elegant interpretation of the brand’s design philosophy of Athletic Elegance yet, showcasing that it is a flagship capable of providing truly elevated experiences.

The model’s front fascia consists of a new Crest Grille and sleek Two-Line lamps that resembles the brand’s emblem. The Crest Grille takes G90’s look to the next level with its Layered Architecture finish, which is comprised of two G-Matrix patterns layered on top of one another to create a three-dimensional effect.

The headlamps, located on both sides of the grille, feature the thinnest Two-Line design lamps ever created by Genesis. This was achieved by intercrossing the lens of the Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) with low beam powered by MLA technology, ensuring the headlamps’ thin lines.

G90’s status as a best-in-class sedan is further cemented with its Clamshell Hood, a single panel that combines the hood and fenders in order to eliminate panel gaps and create a sleek impression. This sleekness is also embodied in the Guilloché pattern-applied emblem, which is nearly eighty percent thinner than seen on previous emblems.

Harmony of its Parabolic Line and Daylight Opening (DLO) to the side further evoke the impression of an authentic sedan.

When viewed from the side, the Parabolic Line design starts from the hood and flows along the bottom of the window to the trunk in a seamless line. The vehicle’s refined and voluminous body has been further enhanced with the Athletic Power Lines on the fenders around the wheels, projecting power and dynamism.

The DLOs that surround the first and second-row seat windows are designed in harmony with its thick C-pillars. This offers second-row passengers both an open atmosphere and privacy at the same time, ultimately coming together to complete the model’s image as a best-in-class sedan.

The elegant proportions of the wide rear grant the model a strong and well-balanced image. The Two-Line rear combination lamps – key elements of the Genesis design language – are elongated along the trunk, with Genesis’ lettering emblem placed between them.

To draw focus to the iconic Genesis design elements on the upper rear part of the vehicle, functional elements, such as the license plate, various sensors, and the reverse lights, have been placed toward the bottom to ensure that the rear offers a clean look.

Additionally, the Parabolic Line formed by the DLOs that surround the windows and the B-pillar are finished in chrome, allowing the long-wheelbase model’s side profile to make even more of an impression. The model also has exclusive front and rear bumper designs that feature chrome decorations on its rims for enhanced elegance and dynamism.

“G90 will redefine the flagship luxury design experience in a unique way only offered by Genesis.” said Head of Genesis Global Design, SangYup Lee. “G90 is the ultimate expression of Athletic Elegance that carefully balances dynamic driving and an elegant rear seat experience.”

More information on North American market specifications and deliveries will be available at a later date.


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