Yamaha To Exhibit 7 Wild EV Creations At The Tokyo Auto Salon

All 7 of these mad fully-electric creations are to be based off the Yamaha Motor Platform Concept. 

In an encore to its already rather bonkers concept lineup at the recently passed Japan Mobility Show, Yamaha has recently announced that it will be bringing another 7 brilliantly mad prototypes to its debut outing at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. 

All 7 prototypes that are to be exhibited at the event — which will run from the January 12th to 14th of 2024 — will centre around the general theme of ‘Small EVs are the power to change society’. The big news however surrounding these 7 mini all-electric concepts is that while they cater to wildly different tastes and tasks, all will interestingly be based off a single general-purpose platform. 

Dubbed as the Yamaha Motor Platform concept, specific technical details regarding this modular base is unfortunately still as yet unknown. What has been divulged by its maker though is that it is intended for small-sized low-speed EVs that carries 1 to 2 passengers, with its flexible packaging capable of accommodating (Honda-manufactured) battery packs of varying sizes as well as different bodies for a collection of purposes, as to be evidenced below… 

Concept 310

Kicking off the selection of 7 concepts with perhaps the most conventional Yamaha offering first, the Concept 310 is essentially an all-electric golf cart. 

Designed in partnership with SKIPPER Co. Ltd, Yamaha has nevertheless touted for this two-seater electric utility vehicle to somehow be specialised for marine leisure applications instead. And if the Japanese description of it is not to be lost in translation, the e-axle on this tiny thing can apparently provide sufficient power such that it can tow ‘trailers equipped with fishing boats’. 

Concept 580

For those who might require golf cart with a little bit more off-roading prowess on the other hand, the Concept 580 here would likely be more suited for you. 

Yamaha claims for this particular more off-road-centric concept to provide agile mobility and smart usability in various road environments such as fields and uneven land, with its lightweight and compact design making it possible for a 2 occupants to traverse said rough(er than road) terrain while using as little electrical energy as possible.

Concept 160

And for those who prefer to prefer something more space-age while off-roading meanwhile, the pod-shaped one-seater Concept 160 is touted to offer off-road electric mobility ‘with free charm’. 

Co-created with Higraph Tokyo, the official description reads for this Yamaha concept here to feature ‘styling that expresses the feeling of love for nature and a free mind, in addition to a unisex and urban sense’. And while many might still be wrapping their heads around that prior sentence, what is (slightly) less mind-boggling is for it to feature an LED strip running right around the pod in between the base and canopy that supposedly ‘serves various functions’. 

Concept 682

If however the thought of climbing into a space age pod is a tad too claustrophobic for some, the Concept 682 goes in the complete opposite direction by basically having no body at all. 

Essentially an all-electric quad-bike (that incidentallyseems to have been inspired by the Honda Motocompo for its simple cuboid body design), this particular single-seater concept developed in collaboration with Vibrant Co. Ltd. will apparently also feature a wide array of (as-yet-unspecified) customisation options to further enhance the ‘fun of riding and ownership’. 

Concept 451

For something a little bit more utilitarian meanwhile, the Concept 451 single-seater has been promoted to ‘incorporate Yamaha Motor-like as a work partner and makes simple work on farmland or mountainous areas more light and fun’. 

Developed with the help of Final Aim Inc, this more utility-centric concept promises to have sufficient performance in making light work of moving and towing tasks on farmland and other similar uneven terrains. Perfect then for any groundskeeper who is tired of breathing in two-stroke fumes from their ride-on. 

Concept 350

Now for something targeted towards the resort-goer than the groundskeeper, the Concept 350 aims to offer one-seater electric mobility for resorts where its users ‘can enjoy the exhilaration of cutting the wind’. 

A concept co-created with Resort Trust Co Ltd, this mobility scooter is envisioned offer a ‘stylish design and outstanding manoeuvre stability’, in addition to sufficient loading space by way of the integrated golf bag carrier behind its sole seat. 

Concept 294

And finally the 7th concept in this lineup of weird stuff is to be a three-wheel cargo bike that has drawn inspiration from the simple Scandinavian aesthetic. 

Co-created by Futaba Furniture and the Sony Group of all companies, Yamaha is currently claiming for this Concept 394 to ‘respond to new lifestyles for a wide range of age groups’ due to the ‘lean functions and convenience from the fusion of IoT’.

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