If We Had Billions This Is The Car We Would Produce

Making a car is no longer rocket science. If we had a billion US dollars in cash and investments totalling another billion US dollars we would start our own car company and build a global brand.

So where will we start first? First we would look at buying a troubled car brand. Then we will look at our wish list for this brand. Let’s start with the wish list.


  1. Must have a globally accepted engine and gearbox
  2. Designed to excite most consumers, so it will look like an Alfa Romeo Giulia
  3. Power under the hood a must
  4. Easy for after sales maintenance
  5. Low entry cost
  6. Handling must be good
  7. Interior must look great
  8. Infotainment and connectivity a MUST
  9. Start with right hand drive markets first
  10. Hire sensible engineers and designers….we are not going to re-invent the wheel


So we have out wish list. Now for execution. We have identified all the above 10 needs and we are ready to start our car company. Here is what we are going for.


  1. We will buy the Holden brand from Australia and keep the name and logo.
  2. We will use the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 drivetrain and platform (great power, reliability, sensible price, easy to maintain mostly anywhere in the world and various levels of tune will be available, plus 4×4 drive)
  3. We will get Apple Carplay and Android Auto infotainment for the cabin and no need for navigation feature as all drivers already have smartphones with navigation built in.
  4. We will start a factory in Thailand. (Infrastructure, vendors, good labour, favorable trade and port facilities to market in ASEAN nations as a start)
  5. We will develop 4 body styles on the EVO 10 platform. Midsize SUV, also a crossover which will share its DNA with the SUV, Sedan and Pickup truck.
  6. All versions will be petrol driven. First luxury petrol driven performance pickup truck will be ours.
  7. We will concentrate marketing efforts in Asia Pacific to start. This alone is a big enough market.



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