Meet The Second-Generation ID.3 From Volkswagen

Here is the continuing success story of its ID.3 electric family vehicle

The ID.3 was the first electric vehicle based on the MEB platform in 2019. Two and a half years after the launch of the first generation, the all-electric bestseller is now coming to the market with a comprehensive upgrade.

Meanwhile, we in Malaysia are still waiting for its official launch as it was teased about a year ago.

Alongside the latest software with all convenience and assist systems, the vehicle impresses above all with its newly sharpened exterior and the refined interior design.

New colours, such as Dark Olivine Green, create a fresh look. Use of high-quality, animal-free and sustainable materials rounds off the overall appearance.

Exterior design: fresh and sharpened

Optimised air-cooling openings and large painted surfaces make the face of the 2023 Volkswagen ID.3 appear independent, confident and friendly from every angle.

One reason for this is the new bumper design. When designing the new bonnet, the design team set itself the goal of using more of the exterior colour.

The bonnet now appears longer because the black strip under the windscreen has been removed and recessed sections at the sides create an additional impression of visual lengthening.

Smart solutions improve aerodynamics

In addition, the optimised and enlarged air intakes at the front give the ID.3 a muscular and sporty appearance. The aerodynamics are improved by better air flow around the front wheels (“air curtain”).

Among other things, this also plays an important part when it comes to the range. The ID.3 achieves an excellent drag coefficient of 0.263 (predicted) The most important factor for this is the body, with steeply sloping A-pillars, flowing roof line and drawn-in C-pillars.

Various solutions for individual details also improve aerodynamics. These include the electrically actuated radiator blind in the vehicle front end. This opens only when the power units need cooling.

The blind normally remains closed so wind can flow as easily as possible over the bonnet. The flat designs of the wheel rims mean they are also optimised for air flow with minimum drag losses.

ID.3 steps up with exclusive new features

The headlights and tail lights do not just underline the modern ID.3 design; they also guarantee improved visibility on the road. New two-part, red-illuminated tail light clusters radiate light at the rear. The part of the tail lights located in the boot lid is now also illuminated.

The new ID.3 is 4.26 metres long, 1.81 metres wide and 1.56 metres high. Like its predecessor, the second generation of the ID.3 also impresses with a long wheelbase and short overhangs – made possible by the modular electric drive (MEB) platform.


When it comes to the colour and trim design, the new colour Dark Olivine Green stands for exclusivity and premium value. The iridescent metallic paint has a warm, gold pearl effect and supports the modern, clean-cut contours of the exterior design.

The roof is completely black, which sets it apart from the body colour to create a harmonious contrast. The roof trim strip is finished in high-quality matt silver to emphasise the paint colour.

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