Volkswagen ID.3 is the beginning of a new world of e-mobility

Volkswagen has already paid too many fines in America and Europe for its various dieselgate and emission issues that has plagued the brand the last few years. Now, four years later, Volkswagen is starting to show more than just concept vehicles for its newly imagined electric, connected and carbon-neutral brand. For the Volkswagen brand it is time to look to the future with a complete new range of electrified vehicle and its starts with this all new Volkswagen Electric Vehicle, the ID.3.

The ID.3 has made its debut ahead of the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt which is an important milestone for the Volkswagen brand.

The market is now watching closely to see if a ‘batterygate’ might surface in the future with this ‘quick’ fix electrification range.

Inside features

Inside the ID.3, owner will find a 10-inch touch display. A feature called ID. Light will display an LED strip during navigation that can signal drivers to take actions, such as prompting them to brake.


Intelligent lighting concept

ID.Light communicates with you visually and makes it easier for you to navigate through traffic, together with the optional navigation system. It uses a light and flashing direction indicator to recommend you change lanes. It can also warn you and help you navigate your way out of the situation if you find yourself in the wrong lane. If you use voice control, a light signal will respond to your voice. When you leave your ID.3, the ID.Light says goodbye – with a smart light signal.

VW is also offering an optional augmented reality head-up display that will project relevant information directly onto the windshield. All controls are operated using touch functions featuring touch-sensitive buttons. Only the electric windows and hazard warning lights are still operated using tactile switches

Strong performance. Fast charging

Travelling to work in the morning, dropping the kids off at school on the way and coming home at night – you should be able to take care of this with just one charge. Each of the three potential battery sizes for the ID.3 can handle this no problem.  You can choose between 45 kWh, 58 kWh or 77 kWh. And that’s not all: the medium battery can recharge a range of up to approx. 260 miles in 30 mins, in quick charge mode with DC (direct current) with 100 kW performance. And with the biggest battery (77 kWh, net), you can travel up to 340 miles on full charge.

Selling Price

This all electric VW Golf sized family hatchback will retail in Europe for about US44,200 which is about RM184,424.00 before local import taxes, shipping and Approved Permit costs.

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