Toyota Showcases Its ‘Beyond Zero’ Eco Initiatives In Malaysia 

This event marks the first time for Toyota to be showcasing a few of its cooler BEV and FCEV offerings over here. 

Aligning with Toyota’s global pursuit of Carbon Neutrality by 2050, UMW Toyota has recently kickstarted the local edition of the automaker’s Beyond Zero showcase. Taking place from 20th until 28th February at the Technology Park Malaysia, lined up in this event are a series of vehicles and associated technologies to further reiterate the company’s commitment towards embracing sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Kicking things off with the cooler stuff first, this event marks the first time ever Toyota has presented the C+pod locally. A two-seat rear-drive battery EV, this essentially enclosed quadricycle has been developed to optimise enhance per-person energy efficiency in an urban environment. 

Another cool showcase on the BEV front too is the e-Palette. Toyota’s first vehicle developed specifically for mobility as a service applications, this futuristic box on wheels will be joined alongside by the bZ4X e-crossover, Lexus RZ and the Hilux Revo e in the automaker’s BEV showcase. 

Moving on to the hydrogen fuel cell side of things now, the Toyota Mirai will be on display at this event accompanied by the only-recently announced Hilux FCEV and GranAce FCEV prototypes. The Japanese automaker has also brought along its SORA bus and a H2 fuel cell converted Corolla Cross for this showcase, as well as its modular hydrogen power generator, but unfortunately not its H2-combusting GR Corolla and GR 86 race cars… 

Toyota Mirai emission free

That said, Toyota has nevertheless compensated somewhat for it on the sporty front by having its Prius 24H Le Mans Centennial GR Edition star in its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) showcase. And alongside it meanwhile are a fleet of the Japanese automaker’s hybrid variants of its local lineup, which includes the already locally-available Corolla Cross Hybrid and Innova Zenix Hybrid, in addition to the as-yet-not-locally-available HEV trims of Camry, Alphard and Vellfire as well. 

With a history of proven reliability on Malaysian roads since 2009 and globally since 1997, UMW Toyota proudly touts that it already sold 41,600 HEVs locally to date. The Japanese automaker further estimates that from just these HEVs sold over here, it has contributed to the commendable decarbonisation effects of approximately 150,000 tons of CO₂ absorption equivalent to 500,000 trees. Toyota further highlights for the ability of its hybrids to reduce CO₂ significantly without any need of infrastructure investment or change in behaviour of customers, which in turn allows them to be the optimal solution to gain scale for electrification for the masses.

This more pragmatic corporate vision of pursuing multiple pathways towards an eco-friendly future is in turn one of the main reasons Toyota has diversified its electrified offerings. In fact, this Beyond Zero event was launched symbolically to showcase its diverse approach with various electrified technologies, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Battery Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. These electrified vehicles showcase the latest in automotive sustainability, featuring advanced technologies and design elements aimed at reducing environmental impact. 

The event also further highlighted UMW Toyota’s dedication to aligning its practices with broader national and global efforts to combat climate change and foster sustainable development. By showcasing the Japanese automaker’s unwavering commitment to a multi-pathway approach to carbon neutrality, UMW Toyota aims to puts into practice its claims of offering multiple electrification solutions to meet the unique needs of customers and regions, ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey toward achieving Zero Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Toyota EV

UMW Toyota’s presentation at the event emphasised a comprehensive and diverse range of innovative, eco-friendly technologies and models, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions that meet every customer’s mobility and lifestyle needs. To encourage participation and awareness, the Beyond Zero event is open to a wide variety of guests to learn about the sustainability initiatives and new technology, and test drive certain vehicles from 20 to 28 February 2024.

“Achieving zero, and adding new value beyond it”, this event showcases the efforts to transition of the automotive industry to Carbon Neutrality, thereby helping to reduce the negative impacts to people and the environment to zero. Additionally, Toyota is also looking “Beyond Zero” to create and provide greater value, by continuing to diligently seek ways to improve lives and society for the future.

Toyota Woven City


YB Senator Tengku Datuk Seri Utama Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz, Minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry who officiated the event, commended UMW Toyota for its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental conservation during the event. The Minister expressed, “Recognising the urgency for Malaysia’s shift to sustainable energy, we are fuelled by global commitments and the potential for economic diversification and energy security. Malaysia, being recognised as the best country in Southeast Asia in the Energy Transition Index 2023 by the World Economic Forum, is on the right track to becoming a regional leader in energy transition. Toyota’s innovative efforts in clean energy, through its diverse approach, align seamlessly with our national goals.”

Speaking at the event too, Datuk Ravindran K., President of UMW Toyota said, “We acknowledge the diverse challenges and opportunities across nations as we champion a multi-pathway approach and implement appropriate life-cycle actions to align with each country’s national interest and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Recognising the uniqueness of Malaysia’s automotive industry landscape, positioned as a major electrical and electronics manufacturing hub in Southeast Asia, is crucial to position ourselves appropriately in this journey.”

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