Volvo C40 & XC40 EVs Nets New EC40 & EX40 Designations

These e-crossovers have been renamed to bring them in line with the new Volvo EV naming convention. 

While many marques tend to change models while sticking to a tried and true name, Volvo however has recently done quite the opposite by giving two of its existing cars in its lineup new names. So say hej to the new EC40 and EX40, which were but a moment ago the all-electric C40 and XC40 respectively. 

In explaining why Volvo has decided to switch up its naming scheme for these two models, the Swedish automaker claims for this rechristening practice to bring its C40 and the all-electric variant of its XC40 more in line with its new E-prefix naming strategy for its purely electric lineup. A trend that started back in 2021 with debut of its new EX30 compact crossover, which was then followed up by the EX90 large SUV and more recently the EM90 MPV. 

And while on the topic of changing names, the Swedish automaker has also quietly dropped the ‘Recharge’ moniker from its XC40 plug-in hybrid variants, with only the T6 or T8 suffix remaining to indicate different levels of power output. “The new and streamlined model name standard makes it even easier for existing and new customers to understand which of our models are fully electric and which are hybrids,” Volvo reiterated.

Now besides the new emblems on the tailgate, these newly rechristened EX40 and EC40 have also recently been made available with a new Performance software package for its twin-motored variants. This software change bumps the peak power output by 34 PS (to 442 PS) and adds a unique pedal mapping for improved throttle response, but Volvo has yet to state how much quicker than the original 4.7 seconds these new e-SUVs can hit the century mark from a standstill. 

Volvo C40 Recharge

Volvo has also not made it clear yet what impact this power bump has on the expected all-electric range of these two e-SUVs. The Swedish automaker did however reveal that, thanks to revisions made in the engine combustion cycles of its hybrids, its XC60 and XC90 B5 lineups will see a reduction of CO2 emissions and an improvement of fuel efficiency by up to 4% and 2% respectively. 

Just rounding off the list of by-the-ways that came with this name change too, the EC40, EX40 and the XC40 will all now be available with a new Black Edition. Following the trend set by the special XC60 of the same name that came last year, these Black Edition crossovers has its Onyx Black exterior hue complemented by high gloss black badging, a matching finish for the 20-inch five-spoke alloy wheels and a choice of either microtech or textile charcoal interior colours. 

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