The Fortuner 2.7 SRZ and 2.4 VRZ now comes with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as a standard feature, together with a large 9-inch display for its infotainment system. These provides seamless connectivity with most smartphones that have the required software installed. The large display makes viewing of information as well as operation much easier.

The Fortuner 2.4 variant now have 7 airbags as well for added occupant protection all round. The additional airbags cover the side windows, enhancing protection during side impacts as well as reducing the possibility of occupants being ejected from the cabin.

Customers can add a rear Digital Video Recorder (DVR) to the standard front unit with their purchase of a new Fortuner. They are professionally installed by UMWT’s own personnel who have been specially trained to ensure that the quality of workmanship is as high as the rest of the vehicle.

The price of Fortuner 2.7 SRZ A/T and 2.4 VRZ A/T has not change. However, the 2.4 A/T is now priced at RM171,500 for Peninsular Malaysia (without insurance).


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