Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Was More Than A Car Show

This years Tokyo Auto Salon had enough new and old shiny metal to attract a record crowd.

We could not attend this years Tokyo Auto Salon and was lucky enough to have a fellow MX5 owner, ‘Ian Sia’ who did and he shared these pictures below with us.

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 is a three-day event held at Makuhari Messe (in Chiba, Japan) from January 13th to the 15th, 2023.

Japan’s many car manufacturers and car tuning houses were out in force for the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon, with great new concepts that looked more interesting that was shown at the last Tokyo Motor Show and also many re-invented road cars.

Here below is a quick look at some of the best that was on offer, thanks to photographer Ian Sia.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Tuning house Veilside had its usual over the top offering with ladies to match the excitement of the styling kit.

The iconic Toyota AE86 was shown with an electric powertrain, which points to the direction of re-inventing modern classic cars with emission free powertrains.

The fun loving all inspiring Mazda MX-5 roadster was shown at various section of the show, being a favorite with tuning houses.

Large intimidating SUV’s from Lexus continued to be tuned with chrome heavy faces.

European supercars were also given futuristic styling kits which will have their original designers cringing with anger or seeing a new side of their designs.

Hybrid and electric cars were not spared as they were also tuned to provide owners some excitement while enjoying emission free motoring.

Tokyo Auto Salon mazda

The most talked about car from the show had to be classic Nissan Z Car. The 240Z brought back to life is still every bit as desirable as its latest GT-R sibling.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Ae86

American muscle cars which are popular in Japan, had its own audience, despite looking more ‘bling’ then stylish.

Track ready cars were also on display to show their potential before hitting the curves.

Meanwhile, there were about 800 race and custom vehicles on exhibit at this automotive expo which was held just outside of Tokyo.

A total of 400 plus car manufacturers and car part suppliers showcased their very specialized products and this Included Mazda Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Corporation, Volvo Cars Japan and of course, Toyota Motor.

Interestingly, now comes news that the Tokyo Auto Salon is set to branch out to Malaysia this 2023 with a show at MITEC some time in June. Let’s see if it will be even half as exciting as the Japanese show.

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