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Have You Heard Of The Ferrari 410 Superamerica

We are sure even die-hard Ferrari fans and owners might have missed this rare sports car called the 410 Superamerica.
With a V12 engine under its slender hood, this 4962 cc engine 340 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm and which gave it a top speed of 262km/h. There are no recorded figures for its acceleration time.
First shown at the 1955 Paris Auto Show, well only the chassis, the Ferrari 410 Superamerica was shown as a completed car only 4 Months later, after the Paris show. It was at the Brussels Motor Show that Ferrari showcased the first sample of a complete Ferrari 410 Superamerica.
The task of designing the body had been outsourced to Pininfarina, however, coach builders Carrozzeria Ghia also developed their own version of the body. At the end of the day, Ferrari had several bodies to consider but the one presented by Ghia gave them something to think about.
Meanwhile the bodies were adopted but the one presented by Ghia seemed to alien. The body was outfitted with garish fins and a submarine-like profile which made it very unique. Only a few cars were made with this body design. The uniqueness of the Ghia made it more coveted than most of the other 410 Ferrari models.
Ferrari 410 Superamerica
Interestingly, this chassis was a continuation of the Ferrari history. This particular sports car was not made for racing but rather for luxury drivers. To continue with the tradition of the Ferrari 375 America, the Superamerica also donned a 2,800 mm wheelbase. The car also borrowed the Lampredi long-block engine from its predecessor.
The V12 engine was modified, increasing its bore by some 4mm to 88 mm while the stroke remained at 68 mm. These adjustments helped increase the capacity by a whole 400cc, to make the Superamerica a 4963 cc at 6000rpm.
The 410 Superamerica body by Ghia was designed by Mario Savonuzzi, the same mind behind the Chrysler Glida and Dart. Although Gia made a sleek body that turned out to be loved by some, Ferrari never worked with this company again due to the alien look of the Ferrari 410 Superamerica.
Given that the body was not regarded as good looking, only a few units were produced. The massive fins towering approximately a foot above the rear fender were a deal breaker.
However, like it is with most sports cars, the fewer the units the more the demand in later years.
A few decades down the line, driving a 410 became a dream for many. Carrozzeria in Turin, on the other hand, developed two bodies. The company was headed by Mario Boano and Gian Paolo his son. The two had just parted ways with Ghia and established a new outfit. The bodies included a coupe and a convertible coupe.
As if Carrozzeria and Ghia designers were working together, they also produced a body that was loaded with fins. Although they were not as high as those produced by Ghia, the car did not look much appealing to Ferrari. The rear fins carved dramatically outward giving it a shape of a speed boat.
The body designed by Boano seemed to get some inspiration from the 1950’s Detroit. However, it was Pininfarina that stole the show at the 1956 Paris Salon when he unveiled a unique design.

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