Shell brings back the Ferrari cars, but at double the price

Shell Malaysia is back with its Ferrari car collectible campaign, featuring a selection of eight Ferrari scale models, available exclusively at Shell stations nationwide.

The collection will feature eight different models, known for their signature personalities, with each representing a distinctive decade in Ferrari’s history. Available from 1 July until 8 September 2019, customers can get their hands on these scale replicas of the Italian cars for only RM15.90 each and grow their Shell Ferrari collection, with a minimum fuel purchase of RM30 on a single receipt, at any Shell station.

In 2007 Shell introduced a range of Ferrari collectables and they sold almost 2 million of these cars in just 12 months. We bought almost 40 little cars as we had 3 kids in the house, my two sons and me.

The following year Shell brought in 3 million of these miniature cars and expanded the Ferrari range to include the Gran Turismo Ferrari FXX, the 12-cylinder two-seater 599 GTB Fiorano, the classic and very rare 250 GTO, the 360 Challenge Stradale, the 430 Challenge, the 575 GTC and the exclusive F40 which was launched by founder Enzo Ferrari before his death.

With increasing demand Shell then included an eighth model, a yellow Ferrari Enzo which was only available to customers who purchased Shell Helix lubricant during the promotion period.

At the time each miniature model at 1/38 scale was sold for RM5.90 to customers who filled-up RM40 worth of Shell V-Power Racing fuel, while those who filled-up RM40 worth of Shell Super, Diesel or Helix would have to pay RM8.90, just a little more. At the time this was a bargain as you were getting good quality fuel and a miniature with a working ‘pull back action’ engine toy for the same price as a Hot Wheels miniature car.

Today, Shell revives this passion for Ferrari miniatures with the launch of a new range of Ferraris which will be available from 1 July until 8 September 2019, for a hefty RM15.90 each with a minimum fuel purchase of RM30 on a single receipt, at any Shell station. This is a RM10.00 hike in the price of the Ferrari toy car at just 1/43 scale.

We compared the 2007 Ferrari F50 with the 2019 Ferrari F50.

  • 2007 Ferrari is 1/38 scale and 2019 Ferrari is 1/43 scale which makes the 2019 Ferrari smaller.
  • 2007 Ferrari detailing is slightly better (Ferrari logo, fuel cap and wheels) than the current 2019 Ferrari.
  • 2007 Ferrari came with ‘pull back action’ engine for added fun and this allowe3d kids to race their Ferraris against each other whereas the 2019 Ferrari does not have this.
  • 2007 Ferrari wheels were shod with little rubber tyres which could be removed and the 2019 Ferrari comes with plastic moulded tyres on the wheels.

There is a little good news. Customers will also receive a RM5 rebate when they spend a minimum of RM50 with the Touch N Go e-wallet, while a 5% cash back is available with a minimum of 3x accumulative spending worth RM150 via Maybank Debit Card.


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