Mildly Updated Subaru XV 2.0i-P Launched In Malaysia

You know the update is minor when the upholstery is the main highlight of this XV refresh. 

TC Subaru Sdn. Bhd, the sole official distributor of Subaru cars in Malaysia, has recently launched the slightly refreshed version of its mid-spec XV 2.0 i-P for the 2021 model year. And if you can’t tell the differences between this updated model and the old one, that’s because the differences aren’t really all that major. 

In fact, the most major change that has been made to the 2021 XV 2.0i-P will be in regards to its new leather-suede combination upholstery. Dubbed ‘Leather Suede Deluxe’ and only available on Malaysian and Thai variants of this compact Subaru crossover, this new interior covering featuring varying of shades of black and silver is further complemented by the orange contrast stitching (that was previously available already) in order to give its cabin ‘a fresh blend of luxury and sportiness’.  

Speaking further on cabin updates, Subaru has also added upgraded the central infotainment touchscreen with a new 8-inch unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Though that, and the price hike of some RM 3k to RM 131,788 (on-the-road without insurance in Peninsular Malaysia), are about the extent of the changes made to the 2021 XV 2.0i-P over its 2020 counterpart. 

The XV is currently the only all-wheel drive equipped compact crossover on the Malaysian market today, seeing as the ancient Mitsubishi ASX is no longer with us already. Under the hood of this Subaru lies a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated boxer four-cylinder mated to a Lineartronic CVT that sends 156 PS and 196 Nm of torque to all four of its 17-inch wheels via the Japanese automaker’s (really rather good) Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system with X-Mode and active torque vectoring. 

Locally assembled over here in Malaysia, the 2021 Subaru XV 2.0i-P will be offered in a choice of six colours: Pure White, Dark Grey Metallic, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Blue Pearl, Cool Grey Khaki and Sunshine Orange. 

PRESS RELEASE: TC Subaru Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in Malaysia, pleased to release the 2021 Subaru XV 2.0i-P in Malaysia. 

The XV 2.0i-P Leather Suede Deluxe features designer seats, combining the best of two premium interior materials – luxurious leather and sporty suede giving the crossover an elegant touch. 

Accentuating the textures and comfortable cushions of these Leather Suede Deluxe seats is their wonderful colourway of gloss black, matte black and sleek silver, perfectly coordinated with the XV 2.0i-P cabin’s signature orange stitching. 

The Leather Suede Deluxe is only available for the 2021 XV 2.0i-P variant. This upholstery upgrade is exclusive to Malaysia and Thailand. 

Passengers can look forward to experiencing a fresh blend of luxury and sportiness, making it an enjoyable ride for everyone on board the 5-seater crossover. 

The XV 2.0i-P is complemented by a set of 17-inch bespoke alloy wheels. 

The equipment package includes a new 8-inch Display Audio System with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity which allows drivers to be constantly connected to their messaging, entertainment, and navigation apps effortlessly. 

The new XV 2.0i-P comes with Subaru’s Core Technologies – Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Boxer Engine and Subaru Global Platform – all of which contribute to a total of more than 100 safety features. The 2021 XV 2.0i-P 2021 is offered in six colours –Pure White, Dark Grey Metallic, Ice Silver Metallic, Dark Blue Pearl, Cool Grey Khaki and Sunshine Orange. 

The 2021 Subaru XV 2.0i-P is priced at RM131,788 (on-the-road without insurance, Peninsular Malaysia) 

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